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'Ishq Forever' review: It is flawed in every aspect

The plot could have worked if too many twists and turns weren’t incorporated or if they had cast some acclaimed actors for the desired roles.

Kriti Tulsiani |

Updated:February 21, 2016, 7:11 AM IST

Director: Sameer Sippy
Cast: Krishna Chaturvedi, Ruhi Singh, Lisa Ray, Javed Jaffrey

Not that we entered the theaters with great expectations but the outcome turned out to be even more disappointing than the trailer of the film. Despite a well-thought plot, it was a pocket full of false notes and everything else that sounds like false.

The story revolves around the life of a rich, pampered daughter of a politician who lives abroad and decides to move out of her hostel to enjoy her freedom after much pleading to her father for the permission. While Rhea (Ruhi Singh) starts living alone, her father becomes the Prime Minister of India (yes, we mean PM) and her life turns upside down within no time. With special raw agents (Lisa Ray and Javed Jaffrey) appointed as her security guards, she finds herself stifling in such hackles and decides to run away from all that surrounds her. Meanwhile, a terrorist group plans to kidnap her and execute a special mission with their men. On her ‘exciting’ journey, she then meets Krishna Chaturvedi (Aryan) and then the story starts unfolding its climaxes and hidden facets.


While the film has a decent plot, it fails to create even a tad bit of impact, courtesy poor execution. Ruhi Singh, who was last seen in ‘Calendar Girls’, wasn’t up to the mark. Her fake accent, plastic expressions and not-so-impressive dance moves didn’t do any good to the film. Debutante Krishna maintained a single expression throughout the film with subtle smiles here and there.

Lisa Ray, Javed Jaffrey; both of whom have proved their acting abilities previously aren’t great either. From their pretentious walks to their made-up dialogue delivery, everything is overdone. There is a lead romantic tale in one frame, there is a reconciliation of the divorced detectives in another; yet another one has the parents worrying in a different country and one more with two terrorists planning the kidnapping -- it is a mish-mash of just way too many stories that don’t strike any chord.

It isn’t only the acting that fails to impress, but the 90s music and the execution of various scenes make it too difficult to bear the film. For instance, the action scenes are so terrible that not only they evoke chuckles but very often you’ll find yourself laughing in disbelief. Wait, there a lot more - there is also a scene where Lisa Ray performs her duty wearing 6-inch-heels and still running to different places to search for the protagonist. Imagine!

To the film’s credit, locales are a visual delight. The plot could have worked if too many twists and turns weren’t incorporated or if they had cast some acclaimed actors for the desired roles. Alas, the could haves weren’t actually there and the film ended up being what it is.

Go for it it.. actually, don’t. You can easily skip this film.

Rating: 1/5

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