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Ishwak Singh Opens Up on Back-to-Back Success With Rocket Boys, Paatal Lok, Says 'It's Done Wonders' | Exclusive

By: Srijita Sen


Last Updated: January 19, 2023, 07:48 IST

Mumbai, India

Ishwak Singh is known for his series such as Paatal Lok and Rocket Boys

Ishwak Singh is known for his series such as Paatal Lok and Rocket Boys

Rocket Boys actor Ishwak Singh is waiting for the release of the second season of his hit series. He also has a couple of Bollywood films lined up.

While the pandemic was tough on many artists, actor Ishwak Singh was one of the actors who got the chance of delivering two back-to-back hits with Paatal Lok (2020) and Rocket Boys (2022). The series gave him his much-needed break but the actor was already a part of noted Bollywood films such as Raanjhanaa, Aligarh and Tamasha among others. Now, with his Jim Sarbh co-starrer series Rocket Boys awaiting its second season and a couple of Bollywood films in his kitty, the actor looks back at how 2022 was for him.

In an exclusive conversation with News18.com, he said, “It was great. We shot for Rocket Boys for a long time throughout the pandemic and it was very challenging. We shot pretty much both seasons together. It was a wholesome experience. When Rocket Boys 2 came out, the result and the adulation I got were amazing and fulfilling. Now that I know the second season is going to be out soon, I am looking forward to it. The audience will have an expectation but we are very confident about what we made. Season 2 is very powerful so it is something I am very excited about."

Asked whether he is concerned about the upcoming season matching up with its predecessor, he answered, “No, not really. That thought would have crossed my mind if the second season was less in the way it was made or in the way it was shot. I’m sure it is going to make a mark and it will find its place more than anything because it is a story which needs to be told. It comes from an idea which is very relevant."

The actor added that Rocket Boys gave him more credibility as an actor as it came right after the success of Pataal Lok. He shared that it helped him establish that he was not just a one-time hit. Talking about how the Abhay Pannu directorial changed things for him, he expressed, “It has done wonders for sure. I was riding on the success of Paatal Lok and Rocket Boys happened immediately after. But when something gets you success and then you have a second show or film to back that up, it immediately cements your position, your future and your mark as a bankable actor. It has done wonders in that sense. It has reassured that I am capable of delivering time and again and it wasn’t just a one-time thing with Paatal Lok. It really solidifies your position and gives you credibility, which is the biggest reward that I could have gotten."

Before making a mark with these series, the actor was seen in quite a few Hindi films. He also has two more films lined up, titled Bas Karo Aunty and Berlin. Asked whether he is looking forward to headlining more films or playing side roles like his previous ones, he opines, “It’s not like these shows are any less than a film. And mainstream films are also in the pipeline. I have Baas Karo Aunty and Berlin and other shows that I am headlining. I don’t see it as a side role or a main role. When you are an actor, you are bound to start somewhere and when you get success, the industry starts taking notice of you. And the lines between films and shows are blurring anyway. People are looking for good content no matter where it comes from."

So when it comes to films, is he concerned about the competition from already established insiders or rising star kids? “There will always be competition because ours is a very competitive line of work. And competition is good, it is healthy. There are a lot of talented people out there and when you get a part, deliver and get success, it only feels good that you’re not just working in an industry which has no competition but very solid competition. It just makes you believe more in the work that you do," he answered.

However, besides being popular for his series and films, the actor also enjoys a huge fanbase on Instagram and the comment section of his posts proves how much he is loved by his fans. He also ranked 18th in the Times 50 Most Desirable Men List of 2020. Ishwak admitted that he loves the attention he gets on social media and also goes through the comments once in a while. “I love that kind of attention. As an actor or a human being, at the end of the day, you love being in the spotlight and you like that kind of attention and appreciation. So I’m very thankful to the audience and my viewers for giving me a thumbs up on my acting and my Instagram post. Sometimes when I have the time, I do enjoy going through the comments and connecting with the fans and audience. It is great to interact with them. It’s fun to know what people think and some of them have great things to say about the character and the work that I’ve done."

Before signing off, Ishwak also shared an update on Rocket Boys 2. He said, “That’s something that I’m not aware of but I’m guessing sometime soon. I can’t say how soon but maybe the first quarter of this year or mid-year, but it should be out in the near future."

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first published:January 19, 2023, 07:48 IST
last updated:January 19, 2023, 07:48 IST
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