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James Cameron's Avatar Sequels Go Underwater, See Pics

James Cameron directs 'Avatar' sequels

James Cameron directs 'Avatar' sequels

James Cameron's 'Avatar' sequels are some of the most anticipated projects in the history of film business.

James Cameron's sequels to the blockbuster hit Avatar (2009) is well on tracks. In recent set pics revealed by the production team, Cameron can be seen directing his actors who are floating in pool before they begin shooting underwater scenes for the sci-fi movie franchise.

Earlier, the makers of Avatar had promised that the new films will not only explore Pandora, the planet where the first movie was based in, but will also venture into the new parts of the world. Seems like the viewers are in for a treat as Cameron seems heavily invested in his actors in these pics from the Avatar sequel sets.

"From the set of the sequels: @JimCameron directing the actors before they dive underwater for performance capture. Fun fact: That layer of white on the water's surface is comprised of floating balls that prevent lights from interfering with filming underwater," reads the post shared on Twitter.

As of now, Avatar 2 will release internationally on December 17, 2021. Avatar 3 will open on December 22, while Avatar 4 will release on December 19, 2025 and Avatar 5 will open on December 17, 2027.

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