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James Cameron's Avatar Shares Christmas Celebration Tale from Pandora

Image: File photo from Avatar film.

Image: File photo from Avatar film.

The story shared by Avatar's official Twitter handle narrated a Christmas celebration of the Na'vi in the aftermath of their war with humans.

The world is gearing up to celebrate a merry Christmas. Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of its release, James Cameron's Avatar released a short tale of Christmas celebration from their fictional moon called Pandora.

The story which was shared in a tweet tells the story of two Na'vi born aliens away from their home on Pandora. The next few lines of the story talk about how they celebrate Christmas with help from materials around them as well as the wreckage left by the RDA attack as seen in the film.

James Cameron's Avatar set in the near future saw humans explore and reach the moon Pandora to access their resources and make up for earth's dwindling resources. The exchange between the humans and the residents of Pandora referred to as Na'vi gradually turns violent and results in a war. Stephen Lang who played the antagonist of the film was eventually killed in the film.

James Cameron who is currently working on a sequel of the film set for a 2021 release revealed that Stephen Lang would be returning as the antagonist. Not only that but Cameron also revealed that he had a third and fourth Avatar film planned with Lang serving as the villain in all of them. Other cast members of the Avatar films include Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Zoe Saldana.

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