Jennifer Aniston Couldn’t Hide Her Wrist Tattoo During Live Chat with Lisa Kudrow

Actress Jennifer Aniston gives a glimpse of her '11.11' wrist tattoo

Actress Jennifer Aniston gives a glimpse of her '11.11' wrist tattoo

On having a closer look at Jennifer Aniston's wrist tattoo, it was revealed that the ink reads “11.11”.

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Hollywood beauty Jennifer Aniston is liked by one and all for her stint as Rachel Greene in the popular sitcom Friends. Fans have been requesting the other co-stars to shoot a Friends reunion. While the reunion was set to be rolling in May, it has been halted for the time being due to the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the grave situations, Aniston treated her fans with a live chat with her co-star Lisa Kudrow, who played the character of Phoebe Buffay. Apart from their chit chat, one thing that has been noticed the most by her fans is the tattoo on the left wrist of the Just Go With It actress.

On having a close look at the tattoo, it was revealed that the ink reads, “11.11” While some believe that it denotes the actress’ birthday on February 11, other called it a remembrance sign of her pet Norman, who died in 2011. Well, The Good Girl star hasn’t opened up about the real story behind the ink.

The incident happened during the Variety's Actors on Actors series, where both Friends co-star reminisce over their TV show days.

The 11.11 tattoo was first spotted in 2018. She also showed it off on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards and SAG Awards this year.

This is not the first ink of the actress, who earlier got the name of her dog Norman written on her foot in 2011. The Welsh Corgi-Terrier was really close to the actress.

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