Jennifer Aniston’s '11.11' Wrist Tattoo Has Spiritual Origin: Source

Actress Jennifer Aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston recently gave a glimpse of her wrist tattoo when she interacted with Lisa Kudrow during a live chat.

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A few days ago, people were excited to spot a symbolic tattoo on the wrist of popular Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. Now, according to the latest reports, the tattoo has a spiritual meaning to it.

First spotted in 2018, the tattoo gave birth to several speculations and theories. Fans again spotted the ‘11.11’ inked on her wrist while she was conversing with her Friends co-star and friend Lisa Kudrow as part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series.

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Speculations were rife that the tattoo was inked in honour of her pet dog Norman, who died in the year 2011. This claim was backed by the first tattoo on her feet that the actress, which had her beloved Welsh Corgi-Terrier’s name written in a cursive style.

Citing a source, PEOPLE.com has revealed that the wrist tattoo might have something to do with Jennifer being “very spiritual”.

The actress also believes that the double 11s denote good luck. Double elevens are considered to be the “angel numbers” and can mean to be a sign from the universe that a person is on the right path.

Apart from the numerology factor, the tattoo might well be another nod to the departed soul of Norman. “The number 11 is also special to her because of her birthday and Norman,” the source revealed. Jennifer’s birthday is on February 11, while Norman passed away in 2011.

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