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Jennifer Lopez Denies Getting Botox; Says 'That’s Just My Face'

Jennifer Lopez Denies Getting Botox; Says 'That’s Just My Face'

While promoting a face mask from her cosmetic line 'JLo Beauty,' Jennifer Lopez had said that she has couldn't see a line on her face after using it. An internet user then said that she had botox on her face.

American actor and singer Jennifer Lopez has recently launched her beauty product line JLO Beauty and often shares videos on Instagram to promote the items.

In a video recently shared by her on Instagram, Jennifer claimed that she was showing the after-effect of using a JLO beauty mask. The 51-year-old singer said in the video that the item was going to be the top-selling mask in the world. Jennifer's skin was visibly glowing and she also mentioned how one cannot see a line on her face.

Although many fans appreciated the product and called Jennifer 'flawless,' some Instagram users said her looks are a result of the botox treatment and not the mask. One user mentioned that Jennifer's eyebrows and forehead do not move at all and that it shows there is tons of botox in her skin.

Replying to these comments, Jennifer insisted that it is just her face. She said that she has never undergone any surgery all her life. Jennifer advised the commenter to use JLO Beauty products to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Insisting that people should spread positivity, she said that they would feel more youthful and beautiful if they do that.

Despite Jennifer's response, many people came in support of the person who said that she uses botox. A user said that this wasn't her face initially and that there is no shame in accepting that the singer has had botox treatments.

Many of her fans said that they have lost respect for her for lying about her beauty treatments.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has also been visiting stores to promote JLO Beauty. She shared a video from Miami's Brickell City Centre where the singer can be seen signing on a limited number of boxes of JLO beauty products and asking her fans to visit the centre to purchase the signed boxes.

The beauty range was launched this year on January 1.