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Jennifer Lopez to Camila Cabello, Celebrities Ace TikTok's Trending 'Flip the Switch' Challenge

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Last Updated: March 12, 2020, 19:54 IST

Jennifer Lopez to Camila Cabello, Celebrities Ace TikTok's Trending 'Flip the Switch' Challenge

TikTok's new viral trend, called 'Flip The Switch' challenge, is a hit among celebrities like Sameera Reddy, Jennifer Lopez and Camila Cabello.

A new viral trend has taken over TikTok. Called 'Flip The Switch' challenge, it is obliquely linked with Drake's hit single, Nonstop, from the 2018 album Scorpion. The song contains the challenge's namesake verse 'I just flipped the switch'.

The challenge requires a person to hold a phone closer to a mirror to capture what is about to happen with the accompanying partner standing slightly away. While the music keeps playing, the two people in the video trade clothes and their positions midway while the screen cuts to black for a millisecond.

The viral trend has become so popular that celebrities too couldn't stay away from it.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez took up the challenge with partner Alex Rodriguez, who at the beginning of the video is seen dressed in beige trousers, navy blazer, white shirt and Aviator glasses. As he begins to capture the video, we see Lopez grooving to Drake’s number attired in a white ensemble and large hoop earrings. The duo suddenly swap and we see Alex sporting JLo’s attire while dancing to the tunes of the music. JLo on her part dons her fiancee's solemn expression.

Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon

Senator Elizabeth Warren and comedian Kate McKinnon performed the ‘flip the switch’ challenge in a behind-the-scenes video. We heart how McKinnon has so seamlessly picked Sen. Warren’s mannerisms. Warren, who actually made a surprise appearance on the show, looks incredible as she matches costumes with her impersonator.

Max Greenfield and Cedric the Entertainer

New Girl star Max Greenfield partnered with his The Neighborhood co-star Cedric the Entertainer for the “Flip the Switch” challenge during the filming of their sitcom. In the beginning of the clip, we see Cedric the Entertainer takes the front spot dressed in a sports jersey as Greenfield dances awkward in a checkered shirt. Before the video ends, Cedric steals the show after the flip as he mimics Greenfield’s moves except he added more flair to it.

Camila Cabello and Calvit Jr

Cabello decided to take the challenge with her choreographer Calvit Jr. The video begins with Cabello holding her ponytail and slightly moving dressed in a beige crop top and sunglasses. Calvit Jr., who is wearing a black jacket with blue patch and orange beanie, looks austerely in the mirror reflection as he runs his hand over his goatee. The hilarious switch happens where Cabello dons his beanie and runs her hand over her chin exactly like Calvit while he is seen shaking his body to the tunes.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Josh Ostrovsky

Emily Ratajkowski came along with Netflix’s The American Meme partner Josh Ostrovsky to join the challenge craze. Ostrovsky aka The Fat Jew is seen sporting a blonde wig, blue sunglasses, black sweater and American flag printed undies! Ratajkowski does the perfect switch, who was earlier dressed in a white crop top and matching trousers and is seen wearing the Bieber sweater post swap.


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Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa

The Morning Show co-hosts Ripa and Seacrest remained true to their on-screen roles in their challenge. Without breaking character at "Live with Kelly and Ryan", they are seen swapping their anchor duties and their appearances. Not just clothes and places, they trade expressions and even make-up with such finesse.


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Among Indian celebs, actress Sameera Reddy too tried the challenge.

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