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Jr NTR Calls RRR Co-Star Ram Charan ‘Golgappa’: 'You Savour Him, Then You Start Understanding Flavours'

Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in a still from RRR

Ram Charan and Jr. NTR in a still from RRR

Ram Charan, Jr. NTR and SS Rajamouli had a special chat with actor Rana Daggubati where they spoke about RRR, and their equation with each other

Inspiring mass hysteria across the country with its promotions, RRR is raring to go with its takeover of North India spanning across seven cities in three days. Fans are enraptured by this upcoming mega pan India film directed by SS Rajamouli and starring NTR Jr, Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt. While Indian cinema is witnessing a wave of RRR, the superstars of the film headed to Rana Daggubati’s house in Mumbai to exchange their thoughts about films, friendship and more. Baahubali star Rana hosted the rendezvous and asked about what pan-India meant for the RRR entourage.

Answering the question, NTR Jr said, “After coming here and talking (to the media) I understood, it’s the same – interacting with the press, interacting with the audiences here, it’s the same. The language might change, but the excitement of cinema is common all over India.”

Setting bromance goals with the superhit song Nacho, long-time friends Ram Charan and NTR Jr have set bromance goals. When Rana asked their thoughts on each other, they resorted to metaphors inspired by food. NTR Jr said, “He’s (Ram) like a golguppa. You put him in your mouth, you savour him, and then you start understanding the flavours. It’s not your poori, water and channa. It’s everything put together.”

Ram Charan quipped, “If I have to relate a dish for him, it’s a non-vegetarian thali. A bit of everything and it can never be a vegetarian.” Echoing with NTR Jr on Rajamouli’s hunger for cinema, Ram adds, “His (Rajamouli’s) appetite for storytelling is enhanced to a whole different level since Baahubali and it’s unstoppable.”

Rajamouli, who has a penchant for telling larger-than-life stories has worked with Ram Charan and NTR Jr. in the past in his earlier filmmaking days. When asked about how the RRR actors have evolved, Rajamouli says, “Even when he (NTR Jr) was born, he was a bundle of talent. I think in the beginning probably he was too energetic and he was giving everything for everyone and acting doesn’t work like that. You should know when to step on the pedal and take your foot off the pedal. Everything was on full throttle and he didn’t know how to select his stories. He’s much more mature. He knows how to judge stories, he knows how to select stories. He knows when to go full steam and when to step back. He understands all that. That’s the difference.”

For Ram Charan, Rajamouli says, “Charan has loads of talent, he had absolutely no idea about how things work in the beginning. He slowly understood. His approach has been completely different now. He has learnt to trust his instincts more. He learnt to keep his mind free of his own thoughts and interpretations and feelings. He somehow makes himself free of everything when he comes to my shot. He says that I’m a complete white paper, you write whatever you want.”

Rana observed that the filmmaker has pushed the bar for action and his larger-than-life brand of cinema. To this, the filmmaker says, “I have hundreds of emotions running through my mind and I can’t keep all of them. I search through my emotions. Suppose, there is a shot where he is shouting at the tiger. There are thousands of sequences, but why I reach that point is that I go through the emotion. It might look heroic that he’s shouting at the tiger, but you observe closely, there’s so much angst, frustration, so much revolt inside the shout. I’m very particular about that. I’m very particular about how he shouts when he starts opening his eyes and he starts going into the shout and reaches its crescendo. He’s such a talent that he can give me what I want in one or two takes. I’m very particular about hitting those right notes that come from chasing the emotion. Chase the emotions and visual will follow.”

The excitement among cinema lovers mounts a new peak every day as the S S Rajamouli directorial is set to release on March 25.

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first published:March 24, 2022, 16:26 IST