Kangana Ranaut Finds Tanishq Ad Glorifies 'Love Jihad and Sexism', Richa Chadha, Divya Dutta Praise it

A screenshot of the TVC from Tanishq.

A screenshot of the TVC from Tanishq.

While Kangana Ranaut supported the criticism that the Tanishq ad promoted 'love jihad', actresses Divya Dutta, Swara Bhasker and Richa Chadha were disappointed that it was pulled off.

Jewellery brand Tanishq's latest ad has the internet divided. In the brand's advertisement for their Ekatvam (Oneness) jewellery line, a Hindu woman who is married into a Muslim family is set for her baby shower. Her in-laws are shown to have organised it to make honour their Hindu daughter-in-law's feelings.

The ad, which was released on October 9, has reportedly been pulled off after it attracted a bevy of criticism. #BoycottTanishq stared trending on Twitter as the outrage alleged that the ad promotes 'love jihad' and was anti-Hindu in sentiments.

Kangana Ranaut also shared her thoughts on the ad on Twitter, saying that the "advert does not only promote love-jihad but also sexism."

"As Hindus we need to be absolutely conscious of what these creative terrorists are injecting in to our subconscious, we must scrutinise, debate and evaluate what is the outcome of any perception that is fed to us, this is the only way to save our civilisation #tanishq," she tweeted.

"This advert is wrong on many levels, Hindu bahu is living with the family for significant amount of time but acceptance happens only when she is carrying their heir. So what is she just a set of ovaries? This advert does not only promote love-jihad but also sexism #tanishq," she added.

On the other hand, some actresses like Richa Chadha and Divya Dutta were sad that the ad was pulled off. Divya, whose voice has been used in the ad, wrote on Twitter, "Yes it's my voice. It's sad it's taken off air. I loved it."

Richa Chadha shared the video and tweeted, "It's a beautiful ad."

Actress Swara Bhasker too was disappointed that the brand caved in when faced with backlash.

'Love Jihad' is a conspiracy theory that alleges that Muslim men target women belonging to non-Muslim communities in order to convert them to Islam by feigning love and marrying them.

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