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Kangana Ranaut Slams Diljit Dosanjh for Going on Vacation After 'Instigating' Farmers Protest

Kangana Ranaut Slams Diljit Dosanjh for Going on Vacation After 'Instigating' Farmers Protest

Kangana Ranaut has slammed Diljit Dosanjh for posting pictures from his holiday after participating in the farmers' protest recently.

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh have once again locked horns on Twitter over the farmers' protest. The actress slammed Diljit for posting pictures from his holiday, after accusing of adding impetus to the ongoing protests against three agriculture reforms.

Diljit had posted a series of pictures posing in a bright orange jacket enjoying the snow. Kangana retweeted the photos and wrote in a sarcastic tone, "Wah brother!! Desh mein aag lagake kisanon ko sadak le baitha ke local karantikaris videsh mein thand ka maza le rahe hain, wah!!! Isko kehte hain local kranti... Thumbs up (Great brother! After adding fire to the protest and making farmers sit on roads, local revolutionaries are having fun in the cold abroad. These people are called local revolutionaries)."

Diljit shared an article about Kangana mocking him and said, "Enu Mai PR Lai Na Rakh Lava ? Dimagh Chon Tan Jaanda Ni Mai edey (Shouldn't I just keep her for PR? I don't seem to get out her head at all)."

He also pinned a post on Twitter alongwith the video of Mahinder Kaur, which read, "Are farmers children that they will go along with whatever you or I tell them? By the way, you are quite deluded about yourself. We were with Punjab, are with Punjab, and will be. You don't give up and move on, you just keep looking at me all day. You have to answer the Punjabis for this as well. Don't think we've forgotten."

Kangana responded in Hindi, "Time will tell who is fighting for the rights of farmers, and who against them. A hundred lies cannot hide one truth. If you love people truly they can never hate you. You think you can influence Punjab to hate me? Don't dream so big, it will break you heart."

In yet another response, Diljit said, "I don't understand what your problem with the farmers really is. Madam ji, all of Punjab is with farmers. You're living your life in the delusion of Twitter. No one is even talking about you. There's a saying: "There was no invitation, but I am the groom's aunt" (Kisi ne bulaya nahin lekin main dulhe ki taayi hun -- reference to unimportant relatives at a wedding). That's how it is with you."

Diljit and Kangana's war of words had begun last month when the actor-singer joined other Punjabi artists in rebuking Kangana for tweeting about the protests without verifying facts.

first published:January 05, 2021, 11:41 IST