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Kangana Ranaut: I'm Not Anil Kapoor or Mahesh Bhatt's Daughter, Don't Have Comfort of Parents’ House

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Kangana Ranaut said that by speaking out against the injustices in Bollywood, she will only gain enemies and nothing else.

After lashing out at the likes of Taapsee Pannu, Swara Bhasker, and Richa Chadha by calling them "needy outsiders," Kangana Ranaut now says she understands why they don't want to support her. The 'Queen' actress said that they have "bills to pay for their house" and that she gets where they are coming from.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana opened up about the digs taken at her by Taapsee, Swara, and Richa, following her explosive interview with Republic TV.

“It is so sad. I do not know what to say because I have been in their place. People who come from outside, I have said it in my earlier interviews as well, we (outsiders) do not have the comfort of our parents’ houses. I am not Anil Kapoor or Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter. Or when you talk about Swara Bhasker, Taapsee Pannu or Richa Chadha, I understand they have bills to pay for their house; everybody is not and doesn’t want to live the kind of life I aspire. So, I do understand where they’re coming from and there are a lot of pressures,” she said.

Kangana said that by speaking out against the injustices in the film industry, she will only gain enemies and nothing else. ‘While I understand that others may not have my inclination to gain enemies, what I expect from them is just to give respect to other people’s struggle,” she said.

“Taapsee said I have had weird experiences in life. I’m a weirdo? They say I’m an extremist and jobless person. Swara said that my claims of nepotism are fake. Richa says that people are not giving positive vibrations to the universe. Yes, of course, right now the last thing I want to give out is positive vibrations to the universe when we have lost the life of a very significant person. He (Sushant Singh Rajput) wasn’t just another life. We don’t feel very positive about things around. It’s true! But to completely disregard my struggles, is another thing,” she said.

Sushant passed away on June 14. He died by suicide, Mumbai police confirmed. His death has reignited the debate about nepotism and lobby culture in Bollywood.

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