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Kapil Sharma Shares Beautiful Sardool Sikander Memory and it Has an Anayra Connect

Sardool Sikander (L), Kapil Sharma

Sardool Sikander (L), Kapil Sharma

Music enthusiast Kapil Sharma shared a memory of Sardool Sikander on social media as the latter passed away aged 60.

Acclaimed Punjabi singer Sardool Sikander passed away at Fortis hospital in Mohali near here in Punjab on Wednesday. He was 60.

Sikander, who left behind a rich musical legacy, was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 positive and was under treatment for various ailments, including kidney damage. He died owing to multi-organ failure.

Mourning the demise of Sikander, Kapil Sharma shared a memory of the late artist on social media. He posted a video clip in which Sikander is seen blessing Anayra by singing devotional songs with band members present. Little Anayra is seen in Sikander's arms as he sings. Ginni Chatrath and Kapil sit on either sides.

Kapil wrote sharing the video, "A beautiful memory of a beautiful human being. It was my daughter’s first lohri n me n my family was so happy that Sardool paji n family was there to bless the new born, he sang “Mool mantar” “Ek Onkar” to bless the baby, never thought it was our last meeting with you, love u sardool paji, u will always stay in our hearts (sic)."


Known for his hit songs like 'Ek charkha gali de wich dha laya' and 'Sanu ishq brandi char gayi', Sikander had made his first appearances on radio and television in the early 1980s with album, 'Roadways di Laari'.

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