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Karan Khandelwal on Financial and Emotional Challenges During the Lockdown

Karan Khandelwal on Financial and Emotional Challenges During the Lockdown

Actor Karan Khandelwal, who is currently seen in Ranju Ki Betiyaan, talks about his financial and emotional challenges during the lockdown.

Actor Karan Khandelwal, who has acted in shows such as Saath Nibhana Saathiya and Siddhi Vinayak, is now playing the role of Ayub Khan and Deepshikha Nagpal’s son Lucky Guddu in Ranju Ki Betiyaan.

Karan, who is currently busy shooting for the show in Mumbai, had returned to his hometown during the lockdown. He drove all the way to Kerala.

He said, “I was alone in Mumbai and I can’t cook. My projects were on hold and I was paying rent in vain. So, I decided to go back home and I drove all the way. I reached home the next day and on the way I received a lot of help from the government.”

He cleared that he was not going through financial crisis. “I was struggling financially, no doubt in that. But, I was not going through a crisis. I was going through emotional crisis.”

“It was very challenging emotionally. When I came back to Mumbai, I was asked to vacate my apartment as the building was going under construction. I came here in September and I stayed with my friend and his family for three months till I got Ranju Ki Betiyaan.”

He added, “My friends from the industry morally supported me. Many also left the city because they did not have place to live.”

Karan said that the 90-day payment clause in the contracts of most television actors, is one of the major reasons many suffered during the lockdown. “If there was no 90-day payment clause, I believe many actors would have not gone through what they went through during the lockdown. If you have savings, if you are financially strong you can somehow manage those three months. Otherwise, passing 90-day without payment is really tough. It is really difficult if you are new or have only one project in hand. Some take loans to survive those three months. I don’t think it is fair for an actor. ”

Karan also said that he was apprehensive about returning to Mumbai and also taking up the show. However, he was encouraged by his family.

He said, “I was initially apprehensive about taking up the role but then I gave audition and I think I did the right thing. Every character is given equal importance in the show. My watchman came and told me that in your show girls do this and that. He said he will also encourage girls in his family to go out and fulfill their dreams. This made me realise that the show is sending a powerful message to the audience.”

first published:April 02, 2021, 10:41 IST