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Karan Thought I'd be Apprehensive of Doing Guilty After Kabir Singh, Good Newwz, Says Kiara Advani

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Having witnessed the reach of OTT platforms, Kiara Advani said she had no reluctance whatsoever in returning to the medium.

After her impressive turn as a vibrant young woman in Netflix's Lust Stories, actress Kiara Advani is making a comeback on the streaming giant with the thriller Guilty.

At the trailer launch of the movie, Kiara, who plays the role of a rich spoilt brat from a high-end college, revealed that initially, producer Karan Johar thought that she wouldn't do another film on the OTT platform as she'd signed on films like Kabir Singh and Good Newwz.

"I was in the car with Karan when he told me he has heard a narration and it's a very strong role. He said it's the most thrilling script he had heard. He wanted me to hear it and told me it was on Netflix. But he thought I may have an apprehension because I had signed films like Kabir Singh and Good Newwz, but in my head, the platform doesn't matter. What matters is the content," Kiara said.

Having witnessed the reach of web content, Kiara said she had no reluctance whatsoever in returning to the medium.

"As an actor you want to reach out to as many people as possible. Fortunately, the script that came to me was Guilty. Lust Stories was a game changer for me. So there was never a second thought about doing Guilty. It seemed like the perfect opportunity," she added.

The film, also featuring debutante Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, explores the different versions of truth when a young woman from a small town accuses her college heartthrob of sexual assault.

Talking about the film, Kiara further said, "Every character in the film is layered. I'd just say what Karan told me because I think that describes the film aptly -- 'consent is a victim of perception.' And it's true because what may be consensual to you might not be consensual to someone else. So, this film is very thought-provoking."

Karan, who is producing the movie under his digital production house called Dharmatics, hired an all-female crew for the film, directed by Ruchi Narain.

"It has intrigue, resonance, relevance and more than that, Guilty has a strong narrative and storytelling along with terrific performances. It's quite interesting that it is such a strong female-led narrative, led by a mainstream female actor, directed by a woman, creatively nurtured by a strong woman and all of us at Dharma are such strong feminists including Somen (Mishra), Apoorva (Mehta) and me that we feel proud to tell this story and want to continue telling stories led by women, created by women and nurtured by women," he said.

Talking about what made her tell the story of Guilty, director Ruchi Narain, known for writing screenplays of films such as Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and Calcutta Mail, said, "There is a lot of talk and awareness about it these days, about any kind of assault and who do you believe. What interested me the most in telling this story was that when you read an article, there are opinions and a lot of things are academic. But life is about human beings and everybody is coming from a (certain) place, they have their own agenda. So when an issue like this happens, there are different reasons to believe and not believe. So how do you really know? That's the question which bothers and plagues all of us. Everyone has a point of view and it is, in some way, relevant. It is a story about human complexities."

Written by Kanika Dhillon and Atika Chohan, Guilty will be available on Netflix from March 6.