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Karanvir Bohra Defends His Ramayan Meme, Says It's Not Disrespectful to Gods

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Karanvir Bohra was trolled recently for poking fun at a war scene from Ramayan in which an extra seemed to be playing garba with the sword.

TV actor Karanvir Bohra made a meme out of a scene from the Ramayan a few days, and received a lot of flak for it. He zoomed in on some extras in a war scene who looked like they were playing garba instead of fighting a war.

Bohra poked fun at the scene by adding 'Loveyatri' movie's song 'Chogada' in the background for the meme. 'When you don't get paid enough for your job' was the caption on the video. "I had to post this and we used to think, what an epic war they created, just like @gameofthrones," he wrote while sharing the video on Instagram.

The actor received numerous negative comments on the video from followers who questioned his sense of humour and called the meme disrespectful. "This is a disrespect," read one comment, while another user said, "This kind of people only embarrass thier own culture. I am also going to unfollow him."

Netizens demanded an apology from him for the meme, but Bohra said that he did not disrespect any gods.

DNA quoted him as saying, "I didn't disrespect the gods because I'm a devout Hindu and a very spiritual being, thanks to my upbringing. The meme was about an extra who was dancing instead of engaging in the war. Back in the day, we thought Ramayan and its portrayal of war were brilliant because we didn't know anything better."

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