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Kashmera Shah Makes Fun of Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda Appears as Real Self on Kapil Sharma's Show



Stars of The Kapil Sharma Show will have their spouses on this weekend's episodes and a lot of secrets are set to be spilled.

The Kapil Sharma Show this weekend will host family members of the stars of the comedy show. Kapil will be seen hosting Parmeet Sethi, Kashmera Shah and Priyanka Sharda, better halves of Archana Puran Singh, Krushna Abhishek and Kiku Sharda.

Kashmera will be talking about her first interaction with Krushna and making fun of his English. She shares, "We were introduced and I asked him 'What's your forthcoming film?' And Krushna answered, 'Not fourth, my third film is releasing."

Kashmera posted a series of photos from the sets and said, "So so happy that I finally get to see the famous Sapna's Beauty Parlour. Can't wait to come and reveal all the secrets this weekend."

"Shooting today for our t k s s what fun what energy on sets with keeping social distance. Always love being on sets with all my fav this is an upcoming episode with our family u guys r gonna love it. And ya see lock down mein we hv worked hard and lost a lot of weight lil more to go but on a right track. Keep showering ur blessings and keep watching t k s s," Krushna posted.

Kiku Sharda, who is seen in the role of Bachcha or Achha Yadav, will appear as his real self with wife Priyanka Sharda.

Judge Archana Puran Singh's husband Parmeet Sethi is also going to appear. It will be interesting to see if Kapil is able to crack jokes on Archana in presence of her husband or both Kapil and Parmeet gang up against Archana.

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