Kevin Feige Talks About WandaVision Series at Comic Con Experience in Brazil

This image released by Disney shows Elizabeth Olsen in a scene from Marvel Studios'

This image released by Disney shows Elizabeth Olsen in a scene from Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Infinity War." (Image: AP)

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige discussed the future of WandaVision and its effects on Phase 4 of the MCU at the Comic-Con Experience in Brazil.

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  • Last Updated: December 8, 2019, 5:20 PM IST
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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves ahead to introduce many new characters in the franchise, there are still some interesting developments left for the old ones. One of these includes Elizabeth Olsen's portrayal of Wanda Maximoff.

Even though the character has been shown to be very powerful, fans are still waiting for her to earn the title of her comic-book counterpart as The Scarlet Witch. At the recent Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) in Brazil, MCU President Kevin Feige confirmed that fans will get to see Olsen's character take her next step towards her destiny as The Scarlet Witch.

Feige said, "Having the opportunity to tell more of their story, to see more of what Wanda can do, more of what makes Vision Vision, and — most importantly — reveal a name that I'm not even sure we've said in the MCU yet, but we absolutely make a big deal of in the show, which is that Wanda is, in fact, the Scarlet Witch."

He went on to add that the developments of Olsen's character would have major repercussions for the franchise and the future of their Phase 4. There is no doubt about the authenticity of the statement as the gravity and importance of WandaVision has been teased in the past.

The series was also confirmed to end with it leading directly into the Doctor Strange sequel titled Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness which would include Olsen's appearance in the film. Feige had recently confirmed that the Disney+ series Loki would also be tying into the feature film.

Spread over six episodes, WandaVision is set to release in early 2020.

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