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Khakee Actor Jatin Sarna: My Family Feels My Skills Are Not Being Utilised Due to Less Screen Time | Exclusive

By: Chirag Sehgal

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Last Updated: January 12, 2023, 07:46 IST

Mumbai, India

Jatin Sarna played the role of a criminal named Chawanprash Sahu in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. (Photo: Instagram)

Jatin Sarna played the role of a criminal named Chawanprash Sahu in Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. (Photo: Instagram)

Jatin Sarna also shared how he wanted to play Karan Tacker's Amit Lodha role in the series, Khakee: The Bihar Chapter.

Jatin Sarna was recently seen in the web series Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. In the show, Jatin played the role of a criminal named Chawanprash Sahu. The show starred Karan Tacker and Avinash Tiwary as IPS Amit Lodha and gangster Chandan Mahto, respectively.

Days after the show was released, Jatin Sarna has now talked about his role, his family’s reaction to the show and his acting career in an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha. Jatin revealed how he wasn’t shared much information when he was approached for the show. He also shared how he wanted to play Karan Tacker’s Amit Lodha role and had informed makers about his desire too.

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter is receiving a positive response from the audience. What was your first reaction when you were approached for the show? 

When I was approached, they did not disclose much about the story. They told me the story from Chandan and Chawanprash’s point of view and they told me that a police inspector was chasing them. This was the only brief I got. Then they narrated what crime they (Chandan and Chawanprash) did and how they became big criminals. They also told me how an IPS officer nabbed them. At that point, I felt that there must be something more to it. I also thought that I had heard this story before. Actually, during the coronavirus pandemic, one night, I watched Amit Lodha’s Ted talk. Since I had watched it, I immediately connected to it. Then I was like, ‘Okay, I will do it’. There were a lot many dimensions to this character. He had many facets to his character. Therefore, I thought I should do it. Though I wanted to play Amit Lodha or Chandhan but I am receiving a great response now.

Did you tell the makers that you wanted to play Amit Lodha or Chandan’s character? 

I definitely told them, ‘Mujhe Amit Lodha wala role do, main voh karta hoon’. They told me that it has already been locked. I said, ‘Okay, no problem’. Sometimes you have to adjust, you have to see all things. I also realised that Chawanprash’s character had that space to perform, and therefore, I decided to do it.

There are certain incidents in the show which are brutal and violent. While you were shooting for it, were you also taken aback learning about the incidents? 

Definitely, it was very painful. When you are on this side where you are killing someone, you are a criminal, your mind works like that. But somewhere you sympathise with people who died in that incident. This was all going on with me. I was feeling bad but I was also aware that I could not get much into that emotion because I had to play someone who was brutal. Therefore, I decided to think like Chawanprash. Even in the series, if you notice, Chawanprash is not really happy with the killings. Somewhere down the line, he was a part of the crimes because he wanted a better life for his children. He got trapped and so all of this happened.

What was your family’s reaction to the show? 

They were very happy but they always feel that I am not being utilised to the fullest and that I am being given less screen space. My mother said, ‘It was very nice, I watched it but you should do less criminal shows now. You should do, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha sort of roles in which you are a lover’ (laughs)."

Do you want to do romantic shows now? 

Definitely, who doesn’t want to? Every actor wants to do this. I want to do comedy too. I feel, besides action, rom-com will be the perfect genre for me.

But what do you think is the reason behind you being given less screen time? 

I don’t know maybe they (the makers) are still figuring out whether to bet on me or not. From my side, I am very confident. I know, I will pull it off very well. I know my job. I have been practicing acting for over ten years now. But I have decided now that I have to to a pivotal role and cannot sign anything that comes my way. There has to be something important and game-changing character.

Will there be another ‘chapter’ to the show? 

In my information, I don’t think so. Yes, definitely, Khakee will be the brand name and maybe they come up with a Punjab chapter or something. But I have no information about it.

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first published:January 12, 2023, 07:46 IST
last updated:January 12, 2023, 07:46 IST
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