Kim Kardashian to Re-label 2 Million Garments with 'Kimono' Logo, Watch Video

Image of Kim Kardashian, courtesy of Instagram

Image of Kim Kardashian, courtesy of Instagram

Kim Kardashian shared a video on social media in which she lays down clothes from the 'Kimono' line of shapewear and talks about re-labelling them.

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  • Last Updated: July 29, 2019, 2:14 PM IST
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After facing backlash for cultural appropriation, Kim Kardashian announced earlier in June that she will be renaming her shapewear brand from 'Kimono' to something else. In the matter, Kardashian shared with her fans that close to 2 million garments of the shapewear line have been produced and she is now in the process of covering up their tags. Kardashian even shared a video in which she can heard taking about the clothes at length.

Kardashian claimed that being eco-friendly she is figuring out ways to re-label without having to dump all the pieces.

"Because I wanted everything to be really seamless and feel really good, we printed everything inside all of the garments. So now I have to come up with a solution and not be wasteful because we have printed almost two million garments so far with the Kimono name," Kardashian can be heard saying in the video.

She continued, "I do like this one," Kim said of one option, where a small piece of fabric covered up the Kimono print. "That does look like a nice tag."

"I just want you guys to have a little progress report and know that I'm working really hard to figure out how to not be wasteful and change the name at the same time," she concluded.

See video here:

Kardashian was criticised on social media for labeling her new line of innerwear 'Kimono,' which is a traditional Japanese outfit.

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