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Kirron Kher Asks Sikandar Kher to Get Married in Adorable Video

Sikandar Kher and Kirron Kher

Sikandar Kher and Kirron Kher

In a recent Instagram Live shared by Sikandar Kher, veteran actress and his mother Kirron Kher could be seen asking him to get married.

Sikandar Kher just set higher standards of mother-son goals for us, with his latest Instagram live. On Thursday, the actor shared a 20-minutes long video of his banter with mother, actress Kirron Kher and it is too cute. Kirron, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, is currently recovering at home. Sikandar took this opportunity to give his Insta-fam a sneak peek of his personal life, and we are not complaining. In the video, Sikandar can be seen asking his mother how she is liking it at home to which she says that she is not liking it at all. In fact, she is spending most of her time watching television which she closes after some time, since she loses track of the programmes playing.

The highlight of the video was when Kirron asked her son to get married - she is worried about the large amount of saree and jewellery that she possesses but doesn’t have a suitable heir. An Instagram user, in the course of the lifestream, commented saying that Sikandar looks like his mother, to which he cutely responds saying if her mother had a daughter, she would have been as pretty as her. This brought Kirron to raise the concern of Sikandar’s marriage to which the 39-year-old actor can be seen saying that she need not worry about her sarees, as he is ready to drape them, on himself.

In another part of the video, the mother-son duo can be seen chatting on how Sikandar once received an offer from Rajiv Menon where he wanted him to sing - the actor can sing but only inside a bathroom. That’s when the offer of playback went directly to AR Rahman. To this, Kirron asked her son if he had ever had a chance to speak to AR Rahman, the actor replied that he never had a word with him.


Kirron also said that her son should spend more time with her. “I am so glad you did it today, at least sit for 30 minutes with me,” she can be heard saying.

In April, this year, Anupam Kher and Sikandar announced that the actress was undergoing treatment for multiple myeloma. Later, Anupam said that she is recovering.

Sikandar is Kirron’s son from her first marriage with Gautam Berry. The actress later got divorced and married Anupam in 1985.

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first published:August 13, 2021, 22:20 IST