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'Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha' review: Nani is back with another fun action-romantic film

'Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha' review: Nani is back with another fun action-romantic film

Cast: Nani, Mehreen, Sampath Raj, Murali Sharma, Brahmaji, Prudhviraj.

Director: Hanu Raghavapudi

Nani has a peculiar habit of mixing the gravity of heavy emotions along with subtle humor. There isn’t another way to explain his quirkiness.

From the beginning of the film, you see a timid Nani; one who’s afraid of getting involved in fights. He’s that guy in your friends group who takes to heels when even a little rotten smell from the rival group reaches him.

But, hey, love conquers all, right?

The city boy, Lucky, from ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ walks into the bloodied streets of Hindupur. His forgetfulness has been completely done away with and in that place there’s fearfulness. Of course, there’s a lot more punch in Krishna’s characterization. After all, he’s a die-hard fan of Balakrishna. Though, Hanu Raghavapudi’s script has ample space for punch dialogues, Nani’s dialogue delivery is enough to make the audiences chuckle. Thankfully, Balayya doesn’t make an entry and spoil the show with his legendary lines.

Krishna (Nani) and Mahalakshmi (Mehreen) behave like school kids who hate each other. The Tom and Jerry act they put on is to keep the evil eyes (especially Mahalakshmi’s brother who is a thug) away from their romance. The world of ‘KVPG’ has many characters who don’t just walk in and walk out through the main door unnoticed. They enter and exit gracefully unlike many films.

Nani’s talent sits up straight during a moment of dullness when he’s asked to spell “week”. His spontaneous reply makes him a terrific actor and he becomes a natural star in the latter scenes where he speaks about Mahalakshmi with ACP Srikanth (Sampath Raj) on the phone.

The little kid, Naini, has 10% funny lines but brings in 25% of the laughs. She stands right next to Kavya from the 1996 Telugu film ‘Little Soldiers’. Naini’s character seems to be modeled on the innocence and intellect of Kavya’s character. If Hanu plans on making a sequel to ‘KVPG’, he should focus on Naini’s character to bring the roof down.

Murali Sharma and Prudhviraj pop up in a substory that adds to the chaotic fun. Sampath Raj is again seen in a loud role whereas Brahmaji’s transformation from being a local rowdy to a comedy villain is hilarious. The mandatory songs pull the film down a bit and the climactic portion is unnecessarily lengthy. ‘KVPG’ is an action comedy and a situational comedy. Yes, there’s comedy throughout the film which is absolutely a Nani playfield. It nicely travels through these genres and jumps into the sea of Telugu romantic comedies.

Rating: 3/5

first published:February 13, 2016, 11:27 IST