Krissann Barretto on How Even Close Friends Didn't Have Sushant Singh Rajput's Phone Number

Krissann Barretto, Rhea Chakraborty, Sushant Singh Rajput

Krissann Barretto, Rhea Chakraborty, Sushant Singh Rajput

TV actor Krissann Baretto, who had described Sushant Singh Rajput as her "good friend" on social media, said that he had distanced himself from all his friends.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan actor Krissann Barretto, who had recently taken to Instagram to share that Sushant Singh Rajput had distanced himself from all his close friends for almost a year, said that the changes in his behavior started after Rhea Chakraborty had come into his life. Krissnann also said that when she tried contacting him, none of his close friends had his number.

Talking to Hindustan Times, she said that she had last met Sushant on April 5, 2019. She, along with Sushant's sister and brother-in-law, went to his Pali Hill residence. She said that the actor had made plans to catch up with all their mutual friends.

Talking about Rhea, she said, “I’ve never met her. I don’t think someone like Sushant — who motivated us to dream big, told us to write down our dreams and work hard to achieve them and was always there to help — can do this. He was very happy. Things changed when he Rhea came in his life and they started to date.”

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We were so busy living in the moment and creating mental images that we forgot to actually take a picture together . All I have left are those magical memories of us playing video games , you kicking our asses at chess , throwing mnms at each other and talking all night about life and our dreams . You made me change the way I look at life and I never got a chance to even tell you how much of a difference it all made and you made to my life in every way ! You were always something else , a Starchild. You gave everyone around you hope of a better life and always told us “write down 100 things you want” I remember at the farmhouse you got your skateboard out and said you needed to learn and a few hours later you were skateboarding. I cannot forget the day I met you guys when I was upset and you said “wanna walk on the moon?” And through virtual reality I actually did ! And you told me to look at the earth while I’m on it and how tiny it looks and how tiny all our problems actually are . I never got to thank you for that. You were more like a Guru but you called yourself a friend . My genius child ! I miss you so much ! I love you. You were and always will be a warrior , my friend , and I know the truth will be out soon

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Saying that she had tried to reach out to Sushant, Krissann elaborated that the friends thought he had just fallen in love and was in a "honeymoon phase." She said that no one thought anything bad would happen. "In between, I even tried contacting Sushant but none of his closest friends had his number. I send him a message on instagram in March, but he didn’t reply," she added.

Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on June 14, 2020 by suicide. He was 34.

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