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Kriti Sanon: It's Unfair to Overlook the Leading Lady While Praising a Film

Kriti Sanon: It's Unfair to Overlook the Leading Lady While Praising a Film

Kriti Sanon is glad that people are finally talking about giving equal credit to both male and female leads for a film's success.

Luka Chuppi has managed to do good numbers at the box office and is being considered one of the hits of 2019 so far. The film's leading actor Kartik Aaryan has garnered a lot of praise for his performance, being hailed as one of the prominent new faces in commercial cinema.

The film's leading lady Kriti Sanon was recently asked during an interview about the hero getting all the credit for a film's success. She told Mumbai Mirror, "This business of overlooking the leading lady has been going on for a while and it’s so unfair. I am glad this conversation is finally happening. It’s logical to talk about only the male protagonist when the leading lady doesn’t have a lot to do, but when they are both carrying a film on their shoulders, the credit should be equally shared. Everybody deserves a mention."

Directed by Laxman Utekar, Luka Chuppi is a romcom chronicling the story of a couple living-in together in Mathura and the complications that follow. Kriti and Kartik play the lead roles in the film that also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Aparshakti Khurranna.

Earlier, talking about how people perceive an actor’'s potential and look at her talent, Kriti had said, "It's weird but when you are in a de-glam role people see your acting more. When you are slightly more dressed up, it takes a while to see beyond the makeup and costumes. Especially when they don’t already have a perception of you being an actor," Kriti told PTI.

"Once you break that and they know you are an actor, then doing a glamorous part is okay. Then they say you are showing your range," he added.

Kriti also opened up her views on gender pay gap while talking to the tabloid. “Actors are also paid more than their female counterparts in Bollywood. Remuneration should be in sync with two things — your role in the film and your capacity to pull in the audience. There have been instances in the past when actresses have been paid more than their hero," she added.