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Krystle D'souza on How to Keep It Real on Instagram

Krystle D'souza on How to Keep It Real on Instagram

In a freewheeling chat, Krystle D'souza talks about her web debut, Ekta Kapoor, her Instagram choices and Bigg Boss.

Krystle D'souza certainly knows how to engage fans, both on and off screen. She has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and has made sure that she keeps it real, experimental and updated.

She recently made her web debut with Ekta Kapoor's Fittrat. Though, the actress wasn't too sure about the character as it was for the first time that she was exploring a contrasting character as opposed to her earlier stints in shows like Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai or Ekk Nayi Pehchaan.

In a freewheeling chat, Krystle talks about her web debut, Ekta Kapoor, her Instagram choices and Bigg Boss.

Excerpts from the interaction:

Your fans have just witnessed your transformation from an ideal TV girl to a character with dark shades. Were there any apprehensions?

Krystle D'souza: Honestly, when we were shooting Fittrat, I was telling my director that people have seen me in a different image. It will be very difficult for them to accept me as a gold digger. Am I the right person to do this? I thought people will be like, we don't like her in the negative shade. But he just said that keep calm and do it. And I'm very surprised and overwhelmed with people loving my character and appreciating it because I didn't expect.

You have worked with Ekta Kapoor on TV as well. Did you notice any difference in the process of making a TV soap and a web series?

Krystle D'souza: Ekta has been my first boss in life ever and she is still my boss. It has been a beautiful journey from just being a boss to being an inspiration, then a mentor, a friend and now family. So personally, our relationship has progressed and I adore her form the bottom of my heart. In terms of work, yes it's different because for daily soaps one gets the script on the set, here we have time to research, prepare and wait thinking, kab aayega, kab aayega.

How do you want to be perceived on OTT platforms?

Krystle D'souza: I just want to be perceived as a good actor. That's all. I don't think I want any other appreciation. I don't want to be bothered with, how am I looking? how's my makeup, how's the set. Nothing. With the web, I just wanted to perform, because everybody's efforts were riding on my back and I felt if I don't perform then their work is waste.

What about reality shows? If given a chance, will you go to Bigg Boss?

Krystle D'souza: Currently no. Right now I want to act because I want to prove myself as an actor first, then do all this other stuff. I just want to act and act and act till I can and when I'm done acting, jaise log vanvas mei jaate hai, mai Bigg Boss mei chali jaungi (as people go in exile, I'll go to Bigg Boss).

You said that with web you weren't bothered about how you're looking, but when we see your Instagram timeline, it's decked up with experimental looks.

Krystle D'souza: I am very experimental with the things I do and when it comes to my Instagram, I'm very passionate about social media and connecting with people. Because I feel like it's people that make or break you. And if you are not well connected with them, then how are they going to know about what you're doing in your career or life.

Fittrat is streaming on AltBalaji and Zee5.

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