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Kumar Sanu's Daughter Shannon Says She's Isolating in the US, Hasn't Met Her Father in 4 Months

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Shannon K, Kumar Sanu's daughter and a budding singer, talks about staying away from her father while isolating in the US.

Singer Kumar Sanu's daughter Shannon has been isolating in the US with her mother and sister, while her father is quarantining in India. Shannon, who is also a singer, has spoken about dealing with the lockdown situation and keeping herself busy and calm.

Shannon told DNA, "The current situation is quite stressful. There have been a lot of protesting near my area and I guess we are all just trying to stay patient as it's been a very long time. I've also noticed people have been going back to their normal lives, shopping for groceries but with the protection of their mask and gloves."

The young singer said she was planning to come down to India to visit her father, but those plans had been cancelled due to COVID-19.

"The sad part is that we didn't get the chance to stay together as a family. Instead my dad's back in India and I'm here in LA with my mom and sister. It's extremely hard to live without your family members as this is the time when you need them altogether. I haven't seen my dad in last 4 months and I'm just waiting for things to get normal so that he can come visit us real soon." she said.

Shannon said that they are in touch through FaceTime. "We speak twice a day. It feels like he's with us even though he's in India," she added.

Her dog Cocoa has also been a great stress buster at this time.

Kumar Sanu has said in 2018 that he never wanted to disclose that he adopted a girl child in 2001. He is proud of Shannon, who made her debut with the pop single, A Long Time, written and produced by singer Justin Bieber's frequent collaborator, Jason "Poo Bea" Boyd.

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