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Laal Kaptaan is Not Kareena Kapoor's Kind of Movie, Its a Bit of a Boys Movie, Says Saif Ali Khan

laal kaptaan, kareena kapoor, courtesy of instagram

laal kaptaan, kareena kapoor, courtesy of instagram

'Laal Kaptaan' sees Saif Ali Khan in a never-seen-before avatar of a Naga Sadhu, who is bent on taking revenge.

  • Last Updated: October 11, 2019, 12:29 PM IST
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The genres of films have grown massively over the years. They are now made in such different ways, with a variety of narratives, that they often cater to specific audiences. In the case of Saif Ali Khan, his films' specific audience does not include Kareena Kapoor.

The Sacred Games actor has been getting a lot of appreciation for his appearance and performance of Laal Kaptaan which has only been seen in trailers. Saif Ali Khan revealed that while his wife did give his character a thumbs up, he stated that Laal Kaptaan is not a film that she would enjoy.

In an interview with Zoom he said, "I don’t think. It’s not her kind of movie. She was like great look, fab. But I don’t think this is her kind of a film. This is like kind of, bit of a boys movie. Hopefully I am wrong but at least it’s not her kind of movie, neither Star Wars or Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones. None of these are her kind of movies."

This does not come as a surprise. Saif Ali Khan had also revealed earlier that he had to force Kareena to watch the first season of Sacred Games, of which she only watched four episodes in one go. He had said, "She was quite taken aback by Cuckoo’s willy."

Talking about Laal Kaptaan, Saif Ali Khan revealed that the film is like an Italian Western based on the time when the East India Company was taking over India and the fall of the Mughal Empire. He also talked about the difficulty of playing his character in the right way. He said, "So, if you got a guy like that, who is like, I think, part animal, he has to growl and, say lines, he has to deliver expressions, so to find the soul of the character.. to find what kind of guy, this is the hardest thing."

Directed by Navdeep Singh, Laal Kaptaan stars Saif Ali Khan, Manav Vij, Deepak Dobriyal and Sonakshi Sinha. The film is set to release on October 18.

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