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Leonardo DiCaprio Shares Post Highlighting Plight of Chennai After Acute Water Shortage

Leonardo DiCaprio. (Image: Instagram)

Leonardo DiCaprio. (Image: Instagram)

The severe water crisis in Chennai has drawn the attention of the Hollywood actor, who is vocal about climate change and various environmental issues.

Leonardo DiCaprio has, for years, used his star status to highlight various environmental issues over the years. So much so, that when the actor finally received an Oscar for The Revenant, he used the Academy stage to talk about climate change in his acceptance speech. "Let us not take this planet for granted," he had said.

The ongoing water crisis in Chennai has drawn the Hollywood actor's attention, who shared a BBC News post on Instagram talking about the issue. The four main water reservoirs in the Tamil Nadu capital are completely dry, as a result of which the residents are facing acute water shortage.

From the decimation of a population of Bornean orangutans, to protecting our oceans, Dicaprio's Insta feed is full of posts concerning the environment. A couple of days ago, the Once Upon A Time in... Hollywood actor shared another post regarding India, about the Ghazipur garbage dump, which will soon be higher than the Taj Mahal.

In lighter news, the actor was recently spotted playing volleyball with some friends in Malibu when he accidentally took a shot directly in the face. The actor didn't seem hurt though, as he popped right back up into the game after the contact, and the ball didn't leave a mark on his face. The movie star regularly likes to hit the beach with friends and volleyball has been one of his favorite activities over the years.

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