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Loki Episode 4: God of Mischief, 'Seismic Narcissist,' Falls in Love With Himself

Loki Episode 4: God of Mischief, 'Seismic Narcissist,' Falls in Love With Himself

'Loki' Episode 4 saw an Asgardian cameo, the death of a beloved character, a mid-credit scene and Loki falling for himself.

This article contains spoilers for episode 4 of Loki.

To say the fourth episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe show Loki had a lot going on, would be an understatement. Too many things happened within an hour and the audience has still not been able to wrap their head around this episode yet.

For starters, when we left Loki and Sylvie (who are the same people, to remind you), they were stranded on a dying planet minutes away from destruction. In the third episode we saw them bond in a bid to escape Lamentis, but moments before their approaching end, they held hands. This created a branch in the TVA’s timeline and that was how Loki and Sylvie were caught again by the TVA agents.

The Lokis were put in separate cells for the agents to find out how such a big branch in the Timeline was created by them. To break Loki, Mobius used a pretty interesting tactic. He trapped him in a memory loop from Asgard when Loki cut Lady Sif’s hair and she beat him up. Fans were overjoyed to see Jamie Alexander reprise her role as Sif after Thor: Dark World.


While we saw Loki getting beaten up by Lady Sif repeatedly, things inside the TVA were getting pretty intense. In the second episode Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) was enchanted by Sylvie and she saw her life as a human. In the last episode we found out all TVA agents were Variants, humans who were kidnapped from their lives.

Mobius, on the other hand, expressed the interest to interrogate Sylvie, but was not allowed to do so by Reyona Renslayer. He was also told that Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane) who was kidnapped by Sylvie had died. This seemed odd to him as C-20 was fine when she was brought back to TVA. On the other hand, Loki had told Mobius in passing that the TVA was lying to him about his identity. This made Mobius doubtful of Reyona and the Timekeepers.

Throughout the fourth episode, Hunter B-15 was tormented by her memories. After contemplating whether or not to trust Sylvie, she took her out of the TVA and demanded to know the truth. Sylvie revealed that she could not create memories and the things she saw were glimpses of her own life. This is how Hunter B-15 got to know she was a Variant.

Simultaneously, Mobius tried to find what caused the major branch in the timeline at Lamentis. To make Loki tell the truth, he lied about Sylvie getting pruned (killed by TVA agents). While Loki said it was his plan to get rid of her all along, he was visibly upset.

This is when Mobius realised that Loki had started liking Sylvie. Mobius then called him a seismic narcissist, who fell in love with himself. While Sylvie is a version of Loki, she is also another person in her own right. However, given their connection, them touching or being with each other have the capacity to break reality, according to Mobius. This is why, when they held hands, there was a major timeline branch.

In the same scene Loki told Mobius that he was a variant too. While he did not believe Loki and put him back in the memory loop to punish him, it was enough to make Mobius more suspicious. While he and Reyona Renslayer celebrated, Mobius stole her Tempad. This is how he found out that Hunter C-20 was killed as she found that she was a variant.

Mobius then went to Loki to help him and Sylvie escape. However, Reyona caught them, pruning Mobius in the process. Mobius’ death was definitely a shock for fans as he was a beloved character in the show.

However, this was just the beginning of the major twists in the episode. After Mobius’ death we saw Reyona take Loki and Sylvie to the Timekeepers, who personally wanted to see them die. However, in the nick of time Hunter B-15 freed the Lokis and gave them weapons to fight the TVA guards. After fighting them, and Reyona, Sylvie then attacked the Timekeepers. However, to their surprise, they turned out to be fake. The Timekeepers were not majestic beings but androids who were set up to fool everyone at the TVA.

When they saw that they were not in any imminent threat, Loki tried to confess his feelings for Sylvie. However, before he could do so, he was pruned by Reyona, making it the most shocking Loki death in the MCU.

However, thankfully for the fans who are patient, this was not the end of the episode. We got to see a crucial mid-credit scene, where Loki woke up. When he asked if he was in hell, he was met with four strangers.

These are none other than four variants of Loki. In the scene, there is a giant Black man holding a Mjolnir-like hammer, an old man wearing Loki’s comic book costume and a child Loki holding an alligator. According to the credits, they are named Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki and Reptile Loki.

What does this mean for our God of Mischief? When the TVA prunes their Variants, they are deleted from the timelines. However, according to this mid-credit scene our Loki was sent to an unknown place in the multiverse where the other Lokis are waiting for him.

Fans are speculating that all the Lokis of the multiverse who were pruned by the TVA ended up in that spot. Eagle-eyed watchers have noticed a destroyed Avengers tower in the background, which according to them is the sign that Loki won the Battle of New York in that universe.

While the fourth episode went way beyond our expectations, it will be fun to watch which direction the show takes in the last two episodes. We cannot wait to see what all these Lokis have in store for us.

Loki is directed by Kate Herron and created by Michael Waldron. It stars Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Wunmi Mosaku. It streams every Wednesday on Diney+ Hotstar Premium and Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

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first published:July 02, 2021, 07:30 IST