Looking at Struggling Actors, I Feel Blessed to be Famous in this Era, Says Jassie Gill

Looking at Struggling Actors, I Feel Blessed to be Famous in this Era, Says Jassie Gill

Jassie Gill says he never felt like an outsider in the industry, probably because he comes from an established career in the Punjabi industry.


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After having a successful run as a Punjabi singer and actor, Jassie Gill is now looking towards a career in Bollywood. After his debut in Happy Phirr Bhaag Jayegi (2018), his next is Panga opposite Kangana Ranaut.

"The time I was offered this role, I was in Canada. I’d sent my audition video with my friend’s assistance. While I was there, I wasn’t aware of the concept of the film. It was only after I came to India to have a meeting with makers and got hold of the script that I realised I was being a part of a good film. Otherwise, I would have missed the chance," said Gill.

In Panga, he plays the husband of Kangana Ranaut, a forgotten kabaddi player, torn between family responsibilities and love for the sport.

Talking about his equation with a strong personality like that of Kangana, Jassie confessed that he was bit hesitant at first, but things went well. He said, "After the shoot, people would actually ask me the same question and won’t believe that working with her indeed went well. They would say I was lying and hiding things. But she really supported me throughout the shoot and continues to do so even during the promotions."

He added, "When you haven’t met someone and base your conception is based on hearsay. Even I was skeptical. But when you finally meet the person, you understand how they truly are. Then, it also depends on your own conduct with them. Yes, I was a bit hesitant at first, but it was very good experience working with her."

While his role required him to gain weight, Jassie ended being more leaner. He told, "When I came to India, I was fit and lean. But the role required me to gain weight since I had to play a husband who works as a railway engineer and is a food lover. I had to quit gymming. When I came back for costume trials after a month, I had lost even more weight instead! Then I resumed gym and started eating more. Although I couldn’t gain as what was required of me.”

The 'Bapu Zimidar' hitmaker feels that being an established singer and actor in the Punjabi film industry has helped him being able to make a cut in Bollywood despite not having a godfather. He said, "I have come across many struggling actors from Punjab here, so I feel blessed in that way. The market is so open here that anyone and everyone can come and work. I feel lucky to have become a famous singer in this era."

"I have never felt like an outsider in the industry. Be it the team of the movies that I have worked with or even the technicians, they only look up to you as someone who is best. Yes, if I had not been famous in the Punjab industry, it might have been different," he added.

Even though Panga revolves around Kangana, Jassie said his character had enough scope.

Accrediting his director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari for the same, he said, "When the director knows what he wants to bring out of you, it becomes easier. If you see the trailer, the movie is around the whole family including the kid and the husband. Even if the story is based on Kangana, if you remove even one member out of the film, it will look incomplete. We are together in everything and the film is based on the family."

Jassie says his prime focus is to work, irrespective of roles. "Right now I am focused on proving my work in this industry and not be concerned about the quantity of the role. If you look at the big actors today, even they did side roles before making it big as the lead. Whereas, I am already doing roles as the lead."

Slated to release on January 24, the movie also stars Riccha Chaddha and Neena Gupta.

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