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Malaal Actor Meezaan Jaffery Prefers Film Appreciation Over Box Office Success

Malaal Actor Meezaan Jaffery Prefers Film Appreciation Over Box Office Success

Meezaan Jaffery's debut film Malaal, alongside school friend Sharmin Segal, opened in theatres on July 5.

With Malaal, debutant Meezaan Jaffery has decided to not follow the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Jaaved and Jagdeep respectively, who earned a name for themselves in comic roles across various genre films.

Though Jaaved has done a variety of roles but somehow comedy remains his forte.

Meezaan insists that Malaal is a true reflection of a common man's journey of finding love. He plays the character of Shiva More in the film, who, he points out, is an intense and invested character, so much so that he will clear all impediments to try and obtain his lover.

"He (Shiva) is an extremist and will do anything to get her (Sharmin Segal's Aastha in Malaal). The lives of the two characters in Malaal encounter drastic changes because of love. But somewhere they meet the middle ground as he starts becoming more like her, and starts adapting to her ideology, while she starts becoming more like him. And then they become one, which makes it very interesting," says Meezaan.

Meezaan is a spicy food lover and was recently in New Delhi for the promotions of his film. He gorged on butter-chicken and rice, while shedding light on his choice of films and future in Indian cinema.

Excerpts from the interview follow:

You are playing Shiva in Malaal...

I feel, in the whole film, Shiva gives Aastha a voice. It’s her own voice but somewhere it is subdued. He becomes the vehicle of her expression, while Aastha, on the other hand, makes Shiva's mindset clear. I was briefed by the director (Mangesh Hadawale) to make sure that the audiences see Shiva differently when he is around Aastha, especially when they are alone. Aastha tries to push him in the right direction.

Your views on Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's Kabir Singh.

I loved the film (Kabir Singh). People are saying that the character didn't say anything (refers to Kiara's Preeti in Kabir Singh) or didn't voice her opinion, which people do nowadays. I feel that she (refers to Sharmin) voiced her opinion while we were working on the film (Malaal) saying 'my character will not do this.' Which is why we completely changed it and her character (Aastha) is completely different. You have such a powerful medium and you have to use that medium to be able to influence people in the right direction.

Film appreciation or box office success?

Film appreciation.

Your thoughts on gossip news…

I am still going to live my life and regardless of what I do you will still say whatever you have to say. I cannot control what people say.

Directed by Mangesh Hadawale, Malaal is produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali along with Bhushan Kumar, Mahaveer Jain and Krishan Kumar. The film is running in theatres now.

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