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Marina Kuwar Shares Post on Depression After Sonu Nigam Names Her in Video Warning Bhushan Kumar

Marina Kuwar. Image: Instagram

Marina Kuwar. Image: Instagram

Actress Marina Kuwar was named in Sonu Nigam's video in which he called out the 'mafia' in the music industry and warned T-Series chairman and MD Bhushan Kumar.

Singer Sonu Nigam recently brought up the name of actress Marina Kuwar in a video warning aimed at T-Series chairman and MD Bhushan Kumar. Hours after Sonu posted the video, Marina said in a cryptic post that she is battling depression.

In a post on her Twitter page, Marina said that her depression was caused by certain "unwanted incidents". She wrote, "When your life changes drastically due to some unwanted incidents happened in your life, that time you choose to go into depression. No one knows how badly these incidents affect your life. Sometimes we give up and we end up with our life! Feeling so depressed #Depression #Life #MarinaKuwar."

The actress has appeared in several episodes of CID and Aahat. Marina also shared two quotes on depression on her Instagram stories, reported DNA. The first one read, "I have depression. But I prefer to say 'I battle' depression, instead of 'I suffer" with it. Because depression hits, but I hit back. Battle on." The second one read, "My life is very different. My life is very hard and very difficult."

Sonu had released a video vlog on his Instagram in which he claimed that T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar was the "mafia" of the music industry. In the video, the singer accused Bhushan of attempting to sabotage his image.

"Bhushan Kumar, now I have to mention your name. And now, you deserve being addressed without respect. You have messed with the wrong person," Sonu said in the video in Hindi.

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Bhushan's wife Divya Khosla Kumar then claimed that Sonu is peddling "lies and deceit" and that it is an attempt to gain publicity. She also called him "thankless" and said that T-Series gave him a break in the music industry.

first published:June 24, 2020, 09:49 IST