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Marriage or Mortgage: Big House or Lavish Wedding? What Would You Choose?

Marriage or Mortgage: Big House or Lavish Wedding? What Would You Choose?

Despite being rooted in a realistic problem about having to choose a house or a wedding due to financial issues, Netflix's new reality show Marriage or Mortgage is really entertaining.

Every once in a while, Netflix releases a unique reality show, which if not anything, is supremely entertaining. Their latest offering is Marriage or Mortgage, a reality show in which several engaged couples get to make a choice, buy their dream home or plan the wedding of their dreams. A wedding planner and a real estate agent compete for their businesses by showing them the best of both worlds. They try on wedding dresses and look at amazing houses that are just right for them.

There are very real stakes involved in the show for these couples. Wedding planner Sarah Miller and real-estate agent Nicole Holmes aren’t fairy godmothers. They don’t give out gifts to these couples. They make sure that they have great experiences, get to choose between the best. But at the end of the day, it’s the participants who have to spend all their life savings into the investment of their choice.

In a sense, the premise of the show is a bit depressing. It is actually a little sad to see young people work so hard to choose between having a secure future and being happy on their big day. However, when we are watching this ten-episode show, we actually forget that it is happening. All we see are wedding dresses, helicopter rides, beautiful homes and big backyards. This show makes a very realistic problem into entertainment in a commendable way.

Even though the ten episodes feel a little stretched out, it is fun to see how each and every couple brings in their own personality and charm to each episode. One couple wants an Elvis Presley-themed wedding, but they also want a home in which they can bring an adopted child in. Another couple wants to make sure they get their dream before one of them is deployed off to war. A lesbian couple is torn between securing a future and also showing their love to the world that hasn’t always been accepting of them. In a nutshell, after the second episode, you pretty much realise that you are invested in the stories of these people, and hence there is not much of a scope for boredom here.

Sure, the show might have some tones of elitism. A perfect wedding is always supposed to be an expensive one and a perfect home ‘has to’ be a duplex with a lot of land and several walk-in-closets. After a few episodes, you as an audience also raise your expectations about the wedding arrangements or the houses. You don’t want to look at a smaller house, or want the couples to not choose a five-layered cake. However, unlike so many reality shows about weddings-ahem-The Big Day-ahem-at least we know how much money goes into it all. This show doesn’t make you feel poor or bad about your life at all. It might make you worried about getting your life in order though.

Marriage and Mortgage is a fun watch that reminds us of our lives before the Covid-19 pandemic took over. It is a nice way to acknowledge how every person is different and has different wants and needs from life. You also see two very smart and efficient women take charge and deliver what they promised to their clients on screen. Long story short, Marriage and Mortgage is for people who play wedding and home décor games online to de-stress. If you are a big fan of the reality show genre, this is a show you don’t even have to hate-watch.

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first published:March 12, 2021, 07:55 IST