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Matthew 'Chandler' Perry's Easter Bunny Avatar is the Cutest Thing on Internet Today

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry

While the 'FRIENDS' reunion special stands delayed due to the coronavirus, actor Matthew Perry shared a throwback moment on Easter from the series' original run.

Actor Matthew Perry may have been been the last of the Friends cast to join Instagram but the actor’s witty and funny captions have been taking every fan back to Perry’s most iconic character Chandler Bing.

To wish his fans on Easter, the actor chose to share a picture from the Halloween episode on Friends where Chandler had to dress up as a pink bunny.

For those who don’t know, the sitcom did not have an entire episode dedicated to Easter, like it did for Christmas and thanksgiving. But in season 8 of the show, Monica threw a Halloween party and arranged a costume for Chandler.

Although Chandler was not a fan of the costume, his facial expressions while arm-wrestling with Ross have remained iconic. Perry shared one small clip from that particular scene on his Instagram handle.

He also nodded to his acting prowess in his caption. “Happy Easter! From this fine, dramatic actor (sic),” he wrote.

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Happy Easter! From this fine dramatic actor.

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Many of the fans know that Perry was responsible for shaping the character of Chandler the way it turned out to be. He even wrote many of the sarcastic comebacks, for which Chandler is much loved. Now, equipped with an Instagram handle, the actor has been showcasing his comic mettle.

Although news of the whole cast coming together for a one-hour reunion special episode of Friends had sent many admirers of the show into frenzy; soon the world was hit by the coronavirus. Production of all movies and shows has been halted in the US, but one can hope they will be able to watch the reunion as soon as the pandemic gets over.

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