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May Become Lonely and Sad if I Turn Director, Says Shah Rukh Khan

Image: Shah Rukh Khan/Instagram

Image: Shah Rukh Khan/Instagram

Despite not wanting to direct films, Shah Rukh Khan claimed he is interested in directing an action film as he is a fan of Christopher Nolan.

As a star, Shah Rukh Khan says he is reclusive and happy, but the actor believes if he ever turns to directing he will become lonely and sad.

The actor, 54, said directing films is the "singular most lonely job".

"Here you are kind of playing God, you are making a film, you are telling actors how to act, choosing the dialogues, making the script, selling it to the audience, going into theatres, editing it in dark rooms... When the film comes out you are all alone in the success and failure of it. I think being a director is an extremely lonely job," Shah Rukh said in an interview with BBC journalist and "Talking Movies" host Tom Brook.

"I always worry that if I become a director I will genuinely get lonely and more and more removed from the regular way of living. Being a star already has made me a very reclusive or quieter or in own space. Right now I feel alone and happy. If I become a director I may become lonely and sad," he added. The actor, however, is a huge Christopher Nolan fan, and would like to direct an action movie. "I would like to direct an action film. I want to grow up and be Christopher Nolan. But I don't know if I have the gumption. The big problem with me is I don't know when to say ok. And the director's big job is a roll, camera, action, cut, ok. I don't know how to say ok. I feel it can be better or was it good enough. So I am a little wary of being a director."

The actor addressed his self-imposed sabbatical saying, he is taking his time to decide on his next project and it will be quite a "comedown" if that film doesn't turn out well. "I am getting better skin, I don't know if I will get a better film or not," he quipped. Citing the example of his last two releases, "Jab Harry Met Sejal" and "Zero", which didn't do well, Shah Rukh said while working on these movies too, he thought he was making "the film". "There are days when I am discussing films and I am really thinking this is the film. Then I feel this is how I felt for the last two ones that this is the film. I don't know if I will be able to do a better film. That nobody can guarantee. It will be quite a comedown after one year and I don't work, I have taken this time to contemplate about cinema and still, I turn out (and) make a duck that will be quite a comedown," he added.

On a lighter note, the actor dished about how he is spending his free time cleaning his wardrobe and getting rid of "wrong storytelling ideas". "I have had costumes in my cupboard from the last 25 years like I have 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' jacket, I have shoes from 'Baazigar'. I have lots of costumes all over so I needed to not get rid of them. Because I feel one day when I am given legendary status I could sell them and make some money for charity. I kept them for a museum or something," he said.

As one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema, when asked about what he wants to pass on to the next generation as his legacy, Shah Rukh said he would advise the youth to work hard and not take the success too seriously.

"If I can pass on the culture of immense hard work with a lot of humour, without trying to feel that you worked hard. If you can wear your success, like a T-shirt and not like a Tuxedo. There is nothing more important that you worked hard, you enjoyed yourself and gave a few good laughs.

"I have never worked for posterity, I have always worked for prosperity. To me, the honest truth is, if my epitaph can read 'I tried, I worked hard and I tried'," he said.

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