Meiyang Chang's 'I'm Not Coronavirus' Video Moves Raveena Tandon, Sonal Chauhan

(L to R) Sonal Chauhan, Meiyang Chang, Raveena Tandon

(L to R) Sonal Chauhan, Meiyang Chang, Raveena Tandon

Chang had shared the ordeal of facing casual racism in India in an interview after he was called coronavirus for his Chinese descent.

Last month, singer-actor Meiyang Chang had shared his ordeal of facing racial discrimination amid the coronavirus outbreak. Chang had recounted an incident when two bikers on the road had called him 'coronavirus'.

Later, Chang shared more instances of people from the North East facing discrimination as the coronavirus spreads while he claimed that casual racism is a harsh reality in India. Now, Chang's video on racial discrimination in India has elicited response from Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon, who said she was moved to tears after watching Chang bare his heart out.

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In his video addressing casual racism in India against people from North East, Chang says, "Jokingly, someone was made to realise that even if you are from this country, you don't belong here. Go back to China, Nepal or wherever you are from... This is casual racism, and it is not cool."

You can watch the complete video here:

Responding to the video, which has caught the attention of many in the country, Raveena wrote, "Chang you got me teary eyed! Wanna get to you and give you a big hug! This is such an important message, I hope it reaches many. Much love (sic)."

Actress Sonal Chauhan also responded to the video saying, "What a beautiful message and even more beautifully told @meiyangchang. Big hug (sic)."

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