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Mia Khalifa Feels She Has Lost All Rights to Privacy, Says 'I am Just One Google Search Away'

Image of Mia Khalifa, courtesy of Instagram

Image of Mia Khalifa, courtesy of Instagram

Mia Khalifa spoke to a news network about how she landed up in the adult film industry and the reason for the choice of her career.

  • Last Updated: September 3, 2019, 5:06 PM IST
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Mia Khalifa, former adult film actress, recently made a bitter revelation about the porn film industry when she claimed she earned only USD 12,000 (Rs 8.5 Lakh) while working in the business. While many could not believe how less porn industry pays, considering Mia's popularity in the world of adult films where she reportedly worked for mere three months, other people's misconception about the adult film industry were clarified. Now, in a recent interview with BBC news, Mia opened up in detail about how her personal life was affected after she became associated with the adult film industry.

Mia spoke to the network about how she landed up in the adult film industry and the reason for the choice of her career. She also spoke about the trauma she faced because of featuring in adult films.

In a candid interview with Stephen Sackur for BBC's Hard Talk, Mia explained her family disowned how her after getting to know that she features in adult films. She said (via), "I felt completely alienated by not just the world, but my family and the people around me. Especially after I quit, when I was still alone, even though I left. And I just realised some mistakes aren't forgivable. But time heals all wounds, and things are getting better now."

Mia also went on to shed light on porn videos, how it is not real and that men expect their women to do the same. “The things that men see in videos, they expect from the women in their lives, and that's just not reality. No one is doing to be that perfect, no one is going to do those acts on a Wednesday night with the person they love,” she said.

Mia also shared her experience of suffering from traumatic stress disorder while she was doing adult films. She shared, “I think post-traumatic stress kicks in mostly when I go on public. Because the stares I get, I feel like people can see through my clothes. And it brings me deep shame. It makes me feel like I lost all rights to my privacy, which I did because I am just one Google search away.”

A Lebanese native born in 1993, Mia migrated to the United States in 2001. In late 2014, she began her brief career (three months) in the porn industry.

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