Milind Soman Asks If People are Smoking Due to Stupidity, Twitter Agrees

Milind Soman Asks If People are Smoking Due to Stupidity, Twitter Agrees

Actor, model and fitness-freak Milind Soman took to Twitter to ask why many people have a smoking habit. He said that he used to smoke because he was "stupid."

Milind Soman who is known as a fitness freak took to Twitter to post his views on smoking. The evergreen actor-model tweeted, “I used to smoke because I was stupid. Is it the same for all smokers?”

He talked about the habit of smoking cigarettes that many people consider an essential part of their lives. Milind criticised the smokers asking them if they are smoking because they are stupid like he once was or is there some other reason.

Fans and followers of Milind Soman also started sharing their experience with smoking. One person commented that he was a state-level shooter once but during his exam break, he got into the habit of smoking. After that, holding the rifle became difficult for his person and that was the moment he quit smoking. The person ended the post saying that now he has become a national-level shooter.

Another user Rohit Goyal shared that it took him 25 years to realise that he is feeding carbon to his cells. He has quit 35 days back and says that he is already feeling healthy, happy and confident. He ended the tweet by saying that smoking was a sin he committed against himself.

Almost all the people commenting on Milind’s post agree with him. Some said that a few people smoke because they think it makes them look cool or because they like the momentary high.

Milind Soman is a health freak who recently participated with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Fit India Dialogue 2020. The 55-year-old actor is extremely fit for his age and this is why PM Modi asked Milind if he is really that old.

Milind Soman first shot to fame after starring in the Indie-pop classic song Made in India by singer Alisha Chinai. More recently, he played the role of a gynaecologist Dr Aamir Warsi in the Amazon Prime Video series Four More Shots Please! revolving around the life of four women.

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