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Mindy Kaling Explores Jaipur, Fans Speculate Recce Run For Her Untitled Film With Priyanka Chopra

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Last Updated: February 05, 2023, 16:11 IST

Jaipur, India

Mindy Kaling enjoying her time in Jaipur.

Mindy Kaling enjoying her time in Jaipur.

Mindy Kaling posted a number of pictures from her trip in Jaipur. She was accompanied by Dan Goor, the writer for the untitled film.

Indian-origin American actress and comedian Mindy Kaling is prominently known for her character of Kelly Kapoor in the popular sitcom The Office. The actor-producer is currently exploring the city of Jaipur and it might be a recce run for an upcoming wedding film with Priyanka Chopra. The film is expected to be similar to Crazy Rich Asians and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Kaling is accompanied by the writer of that film Dan Goor.

On Sunday, Mindy Kaling took to her Instagram handle to share a slew of pictures that showcased her posing in various tourist spots. The actress sported a red and white sundress, exquisite sandals and seemed gleeful in all the snaps. One of the photos also showed her munching down on some delicious papayas along with Dan Moor sitting right beside her. The album consisted of pictures of exquisite hallways and monuments of Jaipur. She wrote in the caption, “The Pink City".

Several followers of Mindy were quick to react to her stay in Jaipur. One of them wrote, “Papaya in Pink City is goals! How was it?" Another one commented, “Pretty in Pink!!" Someone else said, “Immaculate vibes!" A fan stated, “Need that dress! Need, I tell you!" Another one wrote,"The dress, the shoes, the purse!! It’s everything!!"


Earlier last year, the collaboration of Mindy and Priyanka came into the news in which they would play cousins, one of them being American-Indian and another one being born in India. While speaking with Forbes, the actress had shared the importance of assimilating Asian experience in her projects. She shared, “We’re really proud of it, we show South Asian Americans that are from Southern India. Then we show a Muslim Indian girl. Culturally we see how they’re different from each other. The Asian experience is not a monolith. Why would people necessarily know that if they don’t have shows that explain and explore that difference?"

Revealing about the project, Mindy had further added, “I have this movie with Priyanka Chopra, she’s Punjabi Indian from India and I’m an Indian American Bengali girl from the East Coast. It’s so different and that’s what makes our dynamic so fun together."

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first published:February 05, 2023, 16:04 IST
last updated:February 05, 2023, 16:11 IST
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