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Mini Mathur Says She Doesn't Want to Host Indian Idol Again

Mini Mathur

Mini Mathur

Maini Mathur hosted six seasons of singing reality show Indian Idol. Now, she says se won't ever return on it.

In the early 2000s, Mini Mathur’s name was almost synonymous with the first six seasons of Indian Idol. As seasons changed, new contestants came and won, one thing remained constant—Mathur’s peppy personality as the host of the singing reality show. However, with the passage of time, something changed along the way. Now Mathur won’t return to the show at any cost. She revealed this fact during a Q and A session she held for her fans on her Instagram stories.

Taking advantage of the feature where people can ask direct questions, Mathur was trying to connect with the fans on a personal level. “Ask me what you want, will answer through the day” she posted. A fan responded, “Given a chance would you host Indian Idol now?
She said no and further added that the show was a “toddler.”

“Gave birth to it, turned it into an adult, and let it fly. Can’t be handling a toddler again,” she wrote.

But this doesn’t mean Mathur has any negative feelings associated with the show. She made an Instagram post a year ago about how emotionally involved she was with the show. She made connections with the contestants, with people ranging from truck drivers to A-list celebrities. “Because it was a first at so many levels- pure, organic, truthful, naked. There was no pretension, no gimmicks or manipulation.”

Her sentiments in the post are similar to former contestant and winner of the first season, Abhijeet Sawant who publicly claimed that performances are often staged and a lot of what happens on the show is fake nowadays. Sunidhi Chauhan also shared similar sentiments. Late singer Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar was recently called on the show as a guest and he was quite frustrated with the instructions given onset. He claimed that he was asked to all praise all the contestants regardless of their performance. This made him uncomfortable but he had to continue anyway.

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