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Mohena Kumari Singh Returns Home Despite Being Covid-19 Positive, Hopes To Get Better Soon

credits - Mohena Kumari Singh instagram

credits - Mohena Kumari Singh instagram

Actress Mohena Kumari Singh has returned home after spending 10 days in the hospital but is still Covid-19 positive. The actress hopes to get well within the next five days.

Actress Mohena Kumari Singh, who has appeared on shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and D3- Dil Dosti Dance, who announced in Early June that she had tested positive for Covid-19, has been discharged from hospital. The actress, however, is still positive for the disease.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Mohena gave an update to her fans. “Hi everyone ! I’m back home... but we are still covid-19 positive. We are in complete isolation. We don’t know how long it will take to get the negative test. We were in the hospital for 10 days and I probably had the virus in my body 5 days before that... so hopefully a few more days and We will hopefully beat the virus. But till then we have to follow extremely strict rules. Nonetheless We are all feeling much better health wise and in the mind too. Thanks for all the support once again,” she wrote.

Earlier, Mohena had taken to Instagram to write that the anxiety of Coronavirus was making her lose sleep. "Can't sleep, these initial days have been difficult for all of us at home especially our young one and our elders. But I am praying it will all be over soon. We are fine. We have no right to complain about anything as there are people out there who are suffering more than us," she wrote.

Mohena also thanked everyone for sending good wishes to her and her family."But I would like to thank each one of you for all the messages, prayers and love you all have been sending. It's keeping our spirits up. And we have so much gratitude in our hearts for you all. Thank you," Mohena added.

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