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Mohenjo Daro Movie Review: Grand Scale Let Down by a Lousy Script

Will the film be able to create box office magic?

Shomini Sen | News18.comshominisen

Updated:August 12, 2016, 1:42 PM IST
Mohenjo Daro Movie Review: Grand Scale Let Down by a Lousy Script
Will the film be able to create box office magic?

Making a period drama is never easy. Specially when the said period has very little information about it. There are always high risks of the film becoming factually incorrect or depicting something wrong. Perhaps that's why Ashutosh Gowarikar's latest Mohenjo Daro looks intriguing.

Set in one of the earliest civilization that history has seen- the Indus Valley Civilization, the film is a story of good over evil. Hrithik Roshan plays a peasant who revolts against the oppressive landlord.

The film also marks the debut of actress Pooja Hegde.

Roshan and Gowarikar have in the past worked together in Jodha Akbar so the expectation from their second film together is naturally sky rocketing. Will the film be able to create box office magic? will history be told accurately? Shomini Sen of News18.Com was inside the theater to find out.

9:38 AM: We are watching first day, first show of #MohenjoDaro in a bit. Stay tuned for the tweet review.

9:49 AM: Expectations are super high from this period saga featuring @iHrithik. #MohenjoDaro

9:58 AM: Good to see Nitish Bhardwaj in a film after a long time. #MohenjoDaro

10:06 AM: Language used is a mix of Hindi, sanskrit, and Urdu. Not sure if Urdu even existed back then. #MohenjoDaro

10:27 AM: So vyaapar gets people from Mongolia, Egypt, Afghanistan and the Miiddle East to #MohenjoDaro. Okay, we believe you.

11:00 AM: The great bath looks like a tiled swimming pool #MohenjoDaro

11:13 AM: Harrapan civilization was known for its planned cities. They've got the look of #MohenjoDaro quite accurate.

11:16 AM: First half of #MohenjoDaro takes it's leisurely time to establish the core plot.

11:43 AM: They have some semi-human type of warriors in feathered skirts pretending to be ruthless killers. #MohenjoDaro

11:45 AM: Did I mention they are from up north? Get the connection? ;) #MohenjoDaro

12:12 PM: The scale of #MohenjoDaro is massive. Gowarikar had epic sagas like Ben Hur in mind while making the film. Same scale and grandeur

12:24 PM: There are too many sub -plots. Not one linear story. #MohenjoDaro

12:30 PM: Had they stuck to one single plot , it would have made for a better watch. #MohenjoDaro

12:31 PM: The first half is spent guessing what the plot is. #MohenjoDaro

12:32 PM: The scale is massive and sets are beautiful. #MohenjoDaro

12:33 PM: It's a story that is known to all of us. Good wins over the bad. Just that it is set in history. #MohenjoDaro

12:34 PM: The film has an impressive supporting cast in Narendra Jha, Nitish Bhardwaj and Suhasini Mulay but sadly they are under used.#MohenjoDaro

12:35 PM: .@iHrithik delivers an earnest performance. But somehow the hopscotch script fails him. #MohenjoDaro

12:37 PM: Perhaps the best way to watch #MohenjoDaro is to forget history and treat it as an ordinary story.

12:38 PM: It doesn't offer any insight into the ancient civilization. #MohenjoDaro ultimately it is just another, typical Bollywood film.

12:38 PM: Thanks for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #MohenjoDaro. More movie updates to follow.

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