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Mohit Malik on Preparing for Parenthood: I'm Reading a Lot of Books

Addite Malik with Mohit Malik

Addite Malik with Mohit Malik

Mohit Malik talks about how he is preparing to welcome his first child with wife Addite Malik and the positive influence the pregnancy period has had on him.

His wife Addite’s due date is just around the corner and Mohit Malik needs no other reason to be excited about. The pregnancy period has been rocky for the couple with the coronavirus scare and Mohit himself testing positive in January, but things are only looking up.

Reflecting on the journey, Mohit shares, “Addite has been home and happy. After I stopped shooting in January, we have been together. Before this lockdown, we were even going out for lunch or dinner once a week. We had made a pact of seeing new places. Apart from that, we’ve been watching a lot of happy movies and listening to good music. I am really enjoying this time. Personally, I feel I’ve become more patient."

On whether they feel the pregnancy could have been delayed, Mohit says, “We did not plan on a time. The pregnancy just happened. But we have been extra cautious during this time. When we hosted our baby shower, we only invited a few guests who were working from home. Some of our friends did feel bad but I feel we only invited those around whom we felt safe. It was a restricted gathering and one should always take care of who they are around."

How has Mohit been preparing for fatherhood? He shares, “I’ve been reading a lot of books on parenthood. I feel one should have ample knowledge about it when they conceive. I’ve been getting a lot of knowledge from people who are parents. I keep on discussing with my friends who have been in my place. A lot of information is exchanged that way."


On his experience with the Covid infection and subsequent recovery, Mohit shares, “My experience has not been good. Even after I tested negative for Covid, for over a month-and-a-half, I got a lot of weakness in my body. There was slight disorientation and memory loss also. I feel strange that even after this much time, we know very little about the virus. I want to advise people to get themselves vaccinated. It’s not easy to isolate yourself. Time feels like it’s not going to end. I wanted to come out and hug my wife, but couldn’t. Outside world is stimulus and you are completely cut off from it. I did meditation. I upgraded myself and read a lot of books."

Mohit also shares an important tip for people recovering from the infection. He says, “Don’t do strenuous exercises and workout right after recovery. When I felt I had regained my energy levels, I started working out. But I experienced a relapse and started feeling weaker. It’s better to rest it out and let the body heal itself."

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first published:April 27, 2021, 10:26 IST