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Money Heist 5's Darko Peric Aka Helsinki: My Character Got Global Popularity After My Story With Nairobi

By: Srijita Sen


Last Updated: September 05, 2021, 14:03 IST

Money Heist actor Darko Perić aka Helsinki

Money Heist actor Darko Perić aka Helsinki

Money Heist actors Itziar Ituno, Darko Peric and Rodrigo de la Serna dissected their character's choices and looked back at their popularity in a candid conversation with us.

The Professor and his robbers are faced with menacing opponents, a plan that is going haywire and internal conflict, but the fans couldn’t be happier as after the long anticipation, Money Heist or La Casa De Papel is back on Netflix for the ultimate showdown. With characters that have become known worldwide to unfathomable plot twists, the show enjoys a popularity that is remarkable for a production that just started off as a local Spanish show revolving around a bunch of robbers, and the mastermind behind their shenanigans- The Professor.

Before the release of the first part of its finale, cast members Itziar Ituno (Lisbon), Darko Peric (Helsinki) and Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo) dropped their dark and serious avatar and joined News18 for a candid conversation where they were in their natural element, sharing laughs and giggles and a drink that seemed to be lemonade, after a long chat. We talked to them about their character graph, some questionable decisions taken by their characters and more.

Itziar, who played the police officer in charge in the first two seasons deflected towards the side of the robbers by the end and joined them in their second heist appeared for the chat with her co-star Darko. Her character’s choice of changing loyalties didn’t sit well with many Money Heist fans who couldn’t relate to her decision of leaving her life behind to join The Professor whom she had only known for weeks.


So, we decided to ask what the actress feels about her character and whether things could have been different for her.

“Well, I think she’s right, speaking now, but I would have made the same decision to leave and go with the good guys who are the ones in the bank actually and face this unjust world. And I love it because she’s very brave. It is not very usual to see things going that way in real life, probably, but I think she’s right. Maybe going into the bank and rob a bank with a sick mother and a daughter is something I would have given a second thought to. But I do like her decisions," Itziar answered.

Coming to questionable decisions, Palermo who joined the group for the second heist, found a lot of criticism from the show’s fans as his actions somewhat led to the death of another fan favourite character, Nairobi. Actor Rodrigo de la Serna, who joined us from a different venue, calmly explained the changes his character Palermo will be going through in the latest season.

“Well, he’s a broken man, he just wants to fulfil his mission, which is the heist as he planned with his beloved Berlin. And at the end of the fourth season, he was largely responsible for the death of Nairobi, and he’s more broken now. So he’s going to search for this redemption. And I believe he’s going to take better care of the team and he’s not going to be a cynic and violent. So that’s what’s in for him in this fifth system."

Despite enjoying global popularity now, they were comparatively unknown when the show started out initially. Following in on this recognition, we couldn’t help but ask when was the first time they became aware of their massive fame. Darko, who has been a part of the show from the very beginning had a crisp but intriguing answer.

“I think it was in the third and the fourth season, for me, where my character with all the story with Nairobi- I think there is where my character got global popularity," he concluded.

Other pivotal characters starring in the show are Ursula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Jaime Lorente, Najwa Nimri, Enrique Arce, Miguel Herrán, Esther Acebo and Belén Cuesta.

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