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Moon Knight Finale: Jake Lockley's Much Awaited Entry, Layla's Grand Fight, Post Credit Scene Explained

Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke as Marc Spector, Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke as Marc Spector, Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight

Jake Lockley's cameo during the post-credit scene and Marc Spector's obliviousness to him leave the series Moon Knight on a cliffhanger.

Before we get into the adrenaline rush that the 6th and final episode was and start heaping praises over Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, can we please talk about what May Calamawy unleashed? Because it is hard not to jump in joy and tear up a bit every time we see a woman superhero deliver those perfect punches, without the makers sensualising or sexualising anything about it.

The series finale gave the actress and her character the much-deserved space to shine and show their calibre.

The penultimate episode ended with Steven Grant’s death in the Duat and Marc Spector making his way to the Field of Reeds. The Egyptian God of Taweret tells him that he can live peacefully as his scales are balanced now. But he goes back to save Steven and tells his frozen statue that his existence saved him. Marc not abandoning Steven and almost dying with him opens up the doors of Osiris, as Taweret had mentioned earlier, and he is again alive.

Before he came back to life, Arthur Harrow had already taken back Ammit’s ushabti from his dead body. With his cult, he reaches the chamber where all the other avatars of the Egyptian Gods reside and Harrow kills all of them to free Ammit. Layla, who had been following them, frees Khonshu as well by breaking his ushabti. However, Khonshu cannot stop Ammit without his avatar and Layla doesn’t want to step into that shoe as she never trusted Khonshu.

Khonshu however tries to stall Ammit and Harrow from killing the people of Egypt and meanwhile, Layla agrees to be Taweret’s avatar. The Goddess of fertility and childbirth gives Layla a new personification and has designed a sleek superhero costume for her with powerful blade-like wings, in which she delivered the perfect punches to Harrow and his disciples.

By the time all these happen, Marc is alive again and has now a perfect sync with Steven. They have a conversation with Khonshu and tell him that he has to deal with both of them and once the work is done, he will free them. Marc/Steven reach Cairo as Moon Knight and coupled with Layla, who is now as strong as both of them combined, give their all to stop Harrow. Khonshu also continues his fight with Ammit.

However, Arthur finally overpowers both Marc and Layla and right when he is about to kill Marc, he blacks out. When he gets back to his sense, he has already injured Harrow, killed his men and won the fight. He is obviously confused as to who did it as Steven had not taken charge when he blacked out.

This was a major tease for the character of Jake Lockley, the third and most violent identity of Marc Spector. In the comic books, Lockley is a cab driver and this is also revealed in the mini-series during the post-credit scene.

After overpowering Harrow, they seal Ammit in his body but Marc is not ready to kill them. Khonshu tries to reason with him that Harrow needs to be killed to ensure that Ammit can never escape and unleash horror once again. He however asks Khonshu to kill them himself. He also reminds him to free them from being his avatar Moon Knight and leaves with Layla.

Marc is not really free from Khonshu and that’s where the importance of the post-credit scene lies. Earlier, Steven was not aware of his alter-ego Marc and hence that particular personality never communicated with Khonshu, nor was aware of his existence. However, the same thing repeats with Marc and Steven who are not aware of their third personality, Jake. But guess who is aware of all this? That’s right, Khonshu.

Although he frees Marc and Steven, Jake remains his avatar and this is unbeknownst to them. The post-credit scene shows Harrow in a mental institute. A mysterious man rescues him from there and throws him in a huge luxury car and Harrow finds himself sitting opposite Khonshu. He tells Harrow how Marc believed that he wanted his wife Layla to be his avatar after Marc. “Why would I ever need anybody else when he has no idea how troubled he truly is,” adds Khonshu and introduces Jake Lockley, who kills Harrow, finishing Khonshu’s job.

The latter’s appearance, be it for a couple of seconds, proved that he is going to be way more troublesome than Marc or Steven as this alter-ego is already too violent. His appearance might also be extended to other MCU projects or maybe it can be developed into the second season of Moon Knight.

Although there is no official confirmation on that front, his character and Marc’s obliviousness to him leave the series on a cliffhanger. The sixth and final episode ended with a bang, nonetheless and if there is a second season, it has a lot of expectations to live up to.

Moon Knight, directed by Mohamed Diab, is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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first published:May 04, 2022, 22:10 IST