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More Strength to Kangana and Her Team, Says Himansh Kohli

Credits- IANS

Credits- IANS

Actor Himansh Kohli has come out in support of Kangana Ranaut after Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation demolished parts of her office.

Actor Himansh Kohli has lent support to actress Kangana Ranaut after Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation regarding her office here. The Yaariyaan actor says it takes a lot of blood and sweat for one to build a home of their dreams, and nobody has the right to destroy it.

Soon after Kangana compared Mumbai to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and criticised the Mumbai Police in a series of tweets, the BMC sent her a notice on Tuesday regarding the unauthorised construction at her office in the city.

While the actress was still in her hometown in Himachal Pradesh, the BMC demolished parts of her Bandra office on Wednesday.

Calling it a “gruesome" act, Himansh said: “It’s really hard to understand why do people always have to get personal during arguments. Fight, have a debate, and regardless of the fact that your point is proven wrong or right, leave it at that. It’s not only inhuman but also very immature to indulge in any form of violence. It shows that you’re not mature to handle your own emotions. What happened with Kangana Ranaut and her newly launched studio, is gruesome."


“It’s so hard for a person to come to Mumbai, struggle here for years, get work somehow, finally after years of good work you make a name for yourself, slowly buying and setting up a property gives you a sense of security and growth. But all those dreams are shattered, the faith in the system is gone once you go through something so damaging," the actor said.

He added: “Someone’s property is the most-prized and prominent possession to them. After all, it’s the fruit of years of hard work. No one should have the right to destroy it. I’m sure she will only come back and emerge out of this stronger. More strength to her and her team."

first published:September 11, 2020, 20:47 IST