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Mumbai City Breathes Life Into Gully Boy, Film Bodies Stage Protest Against Pulwama Attack

Mumbai City Breathes Life Into Gully Boy, Film Bodies Stage Protest Against Pulwama Attack

Salman Khan contributes towards #BharatKeVeer fund, Rajnikanth's daughter Soundarya faces critcism for uploading happy honeymoon pictures and Ed Sheeran celebrates his 28th birthday.

Gully Boy might be drawing praise globally, but the real strength of Zoya Akhtar’s directorial lies in the fact that it is firmly rooted in the reality of the hyper local slum that it is based in, i.e. Dharavi. The glittering life of Maximum City tends to shadow the flair present in the poverty-ridden slums. However, in Gully Boy, hardship makes Murad’s journey more euphoric for the viewer.

The Pulwama terror attack seems to be overwhelming the entertainment industry in India. Some for the right reasons, others not so much. On one hand, actor Salman Khan pledged monetary donation to the #BharatKeVeer fund and attracted praise, while on the other, Ranjnikanth’s newly-wed daughter Soundarya faced criticism for sharing happy honeymoon pictures at such a time.

Following widespread political protest in the aftermath of Pulwama attack, actor Amitabh Bachchan’s and cricketer Virendra Sehwag’s respective shoots were paused in Mumbai, and music label T-Series had to pull down Pakistani artists’ latest singles from its YouTube channel.

In the West, popular singer Ed Sheeran celebrated his 28th birthday and a green coloured juice, made from celery, endorsed by model Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, seemed to be picking up on health trends.

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In Gully Boy, Zoya Akhtar constantly breaks stereotypes about Dharavi and slum dwellers by choosing not to tell us yet another story of poverty or gang wars, but instead picking a story about a young man's creative ambitions and passions. Read on as we delve deeper into the portrayal of Mumbai's underbelly in the film.

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Bharat actor Salman Khan and his foundation Being Human have pledged an unspecified monetary donation for the families of the Pulwama terror attack victims.

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Rajnikanth’s daughter Soundarya, who recently married actor Vishagan Vanangamudi, posted pictures from her honeymoon in Ireland. Twitter users are of the opinion that Soundarya should refrain from sharing such photos at a time when the nation is in mourning.

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The shooting of Amitabh Bachchan's next project, and a commercial featuring cricketers Virendra Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina, were voluntarily paused for two hours on Sunday in Mumbai due to a protest against the Pulwama terror attack. Following threats from MNS leader Raj Thackerey, T-Series has deleted Pakistani artists’ songs from its YouTube channel.

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On Ed Sheeran’s 28th birthday, we take a look at the Shape of You singer’s popular parody songs and tribute videos.

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Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian start their day with a glass of a health drink made from celery. Is it a good idea to ape the trend?

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