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Naagin 6 Takes a Patriotic Turn to Save India from Covid-like Virus, Fans Think Rubina Dilaik Plays Lead

Naagin 6 promo out.

Naagin 6 promo out.

Naagin 6 promo: The new teaser of Naagin 6 has been released, showing that the serpent will be pitted against a deadly virus attacking the country.

The new promo of Naagin 6 has been released and it promises that the serpent has changed for the good. The promo reveals that the story now has a modern day context, and begins in 2020. It shows a citizen from a ‘neighbouring country’ poisoning the rivers that leads to India and that Naagin will come forward to rescue the country from the danger.

“Saal 2020 mein, ek attack pure duniya ko badal dega (Year 2020, an attack would change the world),” the narrator in the promo says as a person is seen dropping a suspicious substance in the stream. The streams instantly turn red and the whole country is affected. A group of individuals, that appear to be scientists, priests and monks, are then seen seated together discussing the reputations of the virus.

“Padosi desh, ek virus ko hathiyaar banakar har taraf mahamari phela dega (The neighbouring country will use a virus as a weapon of attack and cause disruptions across the world),” a suited man informs everyone. “Kaun karega isse humari raksha? (Who will protect us from it?)” a monk seated on the table asks when the promo introduces the Naagin.

“Zeher hi zeher ko kaat sakta hai (Only poison can kill poison),” the narrator says as the serpent tries to heal the country with her magical touch. “​Iss baar khud ke liye nahi, desh ki rakhsha ke liye, badal rahi hai duniya, badal chuki hai Naagin (This time, she will not be protecting herself but will be guarding the country. The world has changed and so has Naagin),” the narrator adds as the promo comes to an end.

While the promo nor the makers have revealed who will be playing the new Naagin, fans are speculating that the actress seen in the promo was either or Divyanka Tripathi. Many comments mentioned both their names. “Mouni Roy Alisha Panwar hai naagin #naagin6 super duper hit hoga,” a fan commented on the promo’s post. Several fans also felt that the Naagin seen in the promo is the Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik.

Meanwhile, fans also speculated that the virus mentioned in the promo could be the Covid-19 virus. “I think iss baar male lead doctor ya researcher ka role play karega , to phir corona virus ka bhi character hoga villain vo kaun play karega finally hume virus ke darshan honge ,” a comment read.

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first published:January 19, 2022, 14:15 IST