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Nakuul Mehta on How He Finds 'Never Kiss Your Best Friend' Relatable

Nakuul Mehta on How He Finds 'Never Kiss Your Best Friend' Relatable

Nakuul Mehta, who has been away from daily soap TV, talks about his return and his web debut with Zee5's 'Never Kiss Your Best Friend'.

Nilofar Shaikh
  • Last Updated: January 19, 2020, 3:49 PM IST
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Television actor Nakuul Mehta, who was last seen in family-drama show Ishqbaaaz, is making his digital debut with Never Kiss Your Best Friend. The show also features Qaidi Band actress Anya Singh as the female lead.

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Talking about the show, Nakuul said, "It possibly has been the most fun experience I have had in the past few years of my career. I think just working on the content which is so relatable and so normal, because I have done a lot of work on television and on television everything is high motion, it is on steroids and you juice out the emotions but this series is a show for the millennial, of-course it can be watched by everybody. But the emotions are real, there is something you will relate to, language is something which people generally speak at home or outside and I think the relationship they have shown between two best friends is something identifiable by all of us."

The series Never Kiss Your Best Friend plays across two timelines, the lead actors' youth when their friendship was the highlight in both their lives and their adulthood when they seem to have met after years of separation. "I am playing a much younger character it is of a 20 year old, whereas in other part it is in 26-27 which is closer to who I am. But 20 is far from who I am. So, for me the challenge was in finding the vibe of a 20 year old which would be different from now being in your 30’s and having seen life more. I think London helped a lot because the city is so vibrant, it is so artistic, it is so youthful that you feel like that," Nakuul explained.

Speaking about his return on TV, he said, "Never Kiss Your Best friend can be watched on TV (laughs) on a smart TV. In a way I have never been away from TV, I have never shied away and I love TV. I think TV is the reason I am getting all these opportunities. I would love to host a show, if something like that happens I will be back soon."

"I think there is good and bad work which happens on web and TV. The amount of good work which happens on both is very small percentage. The idea is to be part of stories which are value creating, which leads to my personal growth. Although on television I would like the experiment of shorter formats. Both the shows I have done had around 700 episodes, I have done around 1500 episodes of TV till now. I feel that leads to fatigue, eventually lack of creativity. But, web offers shorter duration with same intensity. So, that is something I wish we can also use on TV," Nakuul concluded.

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