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'NH10' music review: Dark and gloomy, the soundtrack compliments the storyline

'NH10' music review: Dark and gloomy, the soundtrack compliments the storyline

Navdeep Singh's 'NH10', which features Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam in key roles, has a different soundtrack.

One of the major releases this year, Anushka Sharma-starrer 'NH10' has come up with some very different song tracks, much like the movie's storyline appears to be. The movie is a contemporary drama, starring Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam in the lead roles.

The album opens with 'Chhil Gaye Naina', which presents an unexplored side of 'Baby Doll' and 'Chiitiyaan Kaliyaan' fame Kanika Kapoor. The song is hard, and portrays the wounds and hopelessness of the characters in the movie. Kanika, along with Dipanshu Pandit has sung the song. The music is very intense in the beginning, but, somehow it drops after a few seconds and then picks up again in the chorus. The track also has rock and grunge elements, especially in the chorus. However, this is a song which won't last long in your playlist. You might enjoy the song with a bass tube in your car.

The second song 'Le Chal Mujhe', is soft and dark, with beautiful lyrics and music by Bann Chakraborty. The song has three versions. The first one by Mohit Chauhan is a soft rock with western and Indian arrangements and the chorus is superb. His electric voice adds the much needed sparkle to the song. The reprise version by Arijit Singh is also mesmerising with his golden voice. The female version by Shilpa Rao is jazz inspired and a bit toned down to compliment her silky and sensuous voice.

Next song 'Main Jo' is a sweet peppy number. Sung by Nayantara Bhatkal and Savera Mehta and composed by Ayush Shrestha, the song is lively and endearing. But yes, lyrics are a bit disappointment as compared to other tracks.

'Khone de' is yet another version of 'Le Chal Mujhe', but packaged in a different way, in terms of mood. Sung my Mohit Chauhan and Neeti Mohun, 'Khone de' is a romantic melody though its chorus sounds a little spooky. The song also has an instrumental version.

'Maati Ka Palang' is a lyrical treat for you at a time when there is a dearth of meaningful songs in the industry. Some may feel that the heavy guitar riffs and classical music are syncing out at some points. Composed and sung by Samira Koppikar, the soundtrack is for the moody ones.

The last track 'Kya Karein' is a blues song by Rachel Varghese. The piano hint in the background and Varghese's melodious voice makes this song eargasmic. The song is soft and the lyrics are beautiful.

Essential tracks: Chhil Gaye Naina, Le Chal Mujhe (Mohit Chauhan) and Kya Karein.

The 'NH10' album is long and has repetitive songs. The tracks are unconventional and may not hook you on the first note. There are no chartbusters as well, but yes, a couple of songs do leave an impression. Also, the songs really go well with the storyline. The lyrics are undoubtedly beautiful, mellow and heavy and it will add more meaning only after one watches the film.

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first published:March 13, 2015, 08:54 IST